Crowdcube is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions. This site uses cookies. 9.4. 7.1. You may benefit from generous tax relief of up to 50 per cent where EIS or SEIS is eligible. Investors will buy in at the same rate as institutions who have backed the startup. 6.2. 8.6. Execution of agreements, taking all action, notifications and voting. 10.2.5. acknowledges that the delay between receipt of the Pre-Committed Investment and the issue of shares in respect of such Pre-Committed Investment may prejudice any tax relief to which the Investor may otherwise be entitled and agrees to take professional tax advice as required. illiquidity, 3.1. If the Pitch is unsuccessful or the order not completed for any reason, the Investor's order will not be transferred to another Pitch or Investee, and no substitute service will be provided. The Investor acknowledges that ancillary charges or fees may be payable to third parties in connection with the Investment, and acknowledges that such charges or fees are not associated with these terms. In order to use the Crowdcube platform, the Investor acknowledges that they must successfully complete Crowdcube's on-boarding process, including Investor Assessment Questionnaire where applicable, and the Investor agrees that Crowdcube will rely on responses and confirmations given as part of the on-boarding process, which form part of the terms on which Crowdcube provides services to the Investor. Temporary or otherwise artificial email addresses may result in your account being suspended or terminated, investments cancelled and forum posts removed; and. Crowdcube’s client money bank account is a non interest bearing bank account. Soon, they may do so again. (c)     The Investor shall indemnify and keep indemnified Crowdcube, the Nominee and their respective / its directors, officers, employees, agents and shareholders from and against all claims, actions, proceedings, demands, damages, liabilities, losses, settlements, judgements, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal expenses) which arise out of, directly or indirectly, any act or omission of the Investor, any breach of clause 9(a) or any breach of warranty by the Investor in clause 9(b). “The majority chose to stick and didn’t exit but there were a fair few that did as well, so they got some tidy returns last year,” said Lang. Open an account from your phone in minutes, without a credit check. If the conditions in clause 5.3 or 5.5 are not satisfied for any reason, the agreement for investment between the Investor and Investee will not complete and Crowdcube will use its reasonable endeavours to arrange for the Investee to cancel the Investment made by the Investor and, if payment has already been made, require the Investee to return the Subscription Price to the Investor. 21% of all investors on Crowdcube have had the opportunity to realise returns of up to £19.7m (via clean exit, secondary or bond repayment). You can find more detailed information, including some of the exits and … Unless otherwise set out in the Bond Instrument, mini-bonds are typically an unsecured obligation of the Issuer, meaning there is no security over the property or assets of the Issuer supporting the repayment of your  interest or capital. They have facilitated crowdfunding raises for Monzo, Revolut, BrewDog, Freetrade and more. In the event that the Investor is connected with the Investee, he/she shall be deemed to have waived any right he/she may have to cancel his/her Investment pursuant to clause 5.3. loss of investment Profits are typically re-invested into the business to fuel growth and build shareholder value. What has Revolut been doing to prepare for Brexit? (ii) if Crowdcube determines (in its absolute discretion) that any action should be determined by the Investors. In particular, the attention of the Investors is drawn to the disclaimer, risk warning and regulatory notice on each Pitch. You should only invest an amount that you are willing to lose and should build a diversified portfolio to spread risk. The Investor acknowledges that the approval of the Pitch as a financial promotion by Crowdcube, or the investment in an Investee by any person referred to in clause 6.1 is not an indication of approval of the Pitch generally, and the Investor confirms that it shall take no inference from or make any reference to the same. This means that if an Issuer fails, it is unlikely that an investor will have their initial investment or outstanding interest payments returned to them because there is no security over any remaining assets. (b)      On request by Crowdcube, the Investor shall notify Crowdcube of the bank account to which any payments to be made pursuant to this clause 6 shall be made. 5.12.3. a spouse, Civil Partner, parent, child, sibling of any person included in the categories set out at clauses 5.12.1 and/or 5.12.2. Crowdcube’s first Spanish exit, Zank – acquired by Fintonic, was said to have delivered over 250 Crowdcube investors a positive return on their … Most companies do not offer pre-emption rights for B Investment Shares. Even successful companies rarely list shares on such an exchange. 8.12  Crowdcube shall not be liable in contract, tort (including negligence), pre-contract or other representations (other than fraudulent or negligent misrepresentations) or otherwise under this Agreement for: (a) any economic losses (including loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings); or (b) any special, indirect or consequential losses; whether or not such losses were known to the parties at the commencement of this Agreement. 2.4. Shares, debt securities or units in the Investee will be issued to the Investor by the Investee and the Subscription Price will be transferred to the account of the Investee following the end of the Offer Period and the Investment Fee will be transferred to Crowdcube. (g)        In the event that the Nominee is obliged to take or refrain from taking any action by any provision of the Company’s articles of association (or equivalent constitutional documents) (“Articles”) or a Corporate Document, Crowdcube may instruct the Nominee to take or refrain from taking that action (as the case may be) without requiring any further authority from Investors. I would like to sell it, how can I do? Crowdcube shall action any matter which is the subject of a Notification  in accordance with the views of the majority of those Investors (measured by the numbers of shares owned beneficially in the relevant Company) that respond to Crowdcube in respect of the relevant Notification within the period specified in the Notification. Series A+ companies use Crowdcube as a form of marketing, engagement, and a way to give back to their early adopter customer base. Investor Terms – last updated 12 November 2018. Crowdcube is a crowdfunding platform that enables businesses to attract investment from professionals, venture capital firms, as well as from everyday people. Crowdcube and Seedrs announced that they have agreed terms for a merger, in a move that will accelerate their plans to create the world’s largest private equity marketplace and further democratise investment. No failure or delay by a party to exercise any right or remedy provided under this agreement or by law shall constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy, nor shall it preclude or restrict the further exercise of that or any other right or remedy. 5.12. The Investor warrants, represents and undertakes to Crowdcube that (i) the Investor has categorised himself or herself correctly under clause 3.1 above; (ii) shall comply with any terms and conditions associated with the use of the forums on the Website, and in particular undertakes not to post any illegal, defamatory or inappropriate material or advice to invest and acknowledges that Crowdcube will in its absolute discretion have the power to determine whether posts by Investors breach this clause 8.4 or are otherwise inappropriate and may be removed by Crowdcube. Government. 9.4. under any such Company Document and, whether or not the Nominee enters into any Company Document, to take any and all other action relating to the Company and Securities which Crowdcube determines is in the best interests of Investors as a whole, unless expressly provided otherwise in this Agreement. And Seedrs mentions 13,671 investors exits (through their secondary market) in their 2019 report – The Investor acknowledges that Crowdcube has reviewed any factual statements included within the Pitch and obtained evidence of their accuracy from the Investee. This includes, without limitation, Investments placed for the purpose of disrupting or causing the closure of the Investee’s Pitch where the Investor has no intention of paying the Subscription Price. Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital as well as potential rewards. 2.5. Crowdcube takes no responsibility for this information or for any recommendations or opinions made by the companies. Investors must classify themselves as either a (i) certified ‘high net worth investor’, (ii) certified ‘sophisticated investor’, (iii) self-certified as a ‘sophisticated investor’ or (iv) certified restricted investor, in each case in accordance with the FCA’s Conduct of Business Sourcebook Chapter 4.7. Mini-bonds are a very different kind of investment to equity and you do not own a stake in the business issuing the mini-bond. By agreeing to these Investor Terms, the Investor acknowledges that he/she has also read, understood and agreed to: 1.1.1. the Crowdcube Privacy Policy, accessible online at; 1.1.2. the registration form, accessible online at; 1.1.3. the Website terms of use, accessible online at; 1.1.4 the risk warnings and disclaimers on all pitch pages both before and after registration and login on; and. Crowdcube is the largest UK crowd investing platform with more than 700.000 members, making it the largest community of equity investors in Europe. The Investor shall put in place payment arrangements to ensure that the Subscription Price and the Investment Fee is paid in accordance with clause 5.7 below. 5.9. (d)    There may be circumstances where Crowdcube is not appropriately notified by the Company, or receives insufficient information from the Company, or is otherwise prevented by applicable law to make a Notification under clause 3(c) and the Investor acknowledges and agrees that neither Crowdcube nor its Nominee shall be liable for any such failure to make a Notification. CROWDCUBE CAPITAL LTD IS AUTHORISED BY THE FCA AND CARRIES OUT DUE DILIGENCE ON EACH COMPANY THAT LISTS ON CROWDCUBE AS SET OUT. This agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. Investor acknowledges and agrees that tax benefits may change or be disqualified and shall not hold Crowdcube liable for any loss arising as a result of a tax benefit (including , without limitation EIS or SEIS) not applying to an Investment, including without limitation in circumstances where tax has been ‘clawed back’ from an Investor by HMRC. This company has been incorporated since 2014. 9.6 Clauses 5, 6, 7 and 8 shall survive termination of this agreement and if an Investor has made an application to invest or has invested in an Investee through Crowdcube then any clause in this agreement that is required in order to. If you wish to change your classification you must immediately notify Crowdcube to request a different classification. However, it will not lessen all types of risk. But if you wanted to test a drone (i) this Agreement expressly requires it; or. After raising £2.75m, the brewery was bought by AB InBev, the world’s largest drinks company, for £85m. Bird is a reliable last mile electric scooter rental service. Companies and students who want to test an autonomous vehicle at the University of Michigan have the excellent Mcity simulated urban environment. Before investing, you must read and agree to the Bond Instrument for each mini-bond as these contain the exact terms and conditions, including the interest payments and final repayment time between investors and the company raising the money. So far, we've helped over 960 businesses, through 1,200 funded raises, turn their supporters into shareholders and fuel their future at our humble home. Most notably, they helped Revolut … Investing in a fund may help to diversify your investments and to spread the risk but general risks while investing in equity continue to apply. The Articles of Association will be in the form notified to the Investor by Crowdcube in the confirmation email referred to in clause 5.3 above and/or as set out on the Pitch and may be subject to other documentation or disclosures. Our mission is to make cities more livable by reducing car usage, traffic, and congestion. Crowdcube is not a party to the agreement to invest between the Investor and Investee and Crowdcube’s service is limited to arranging the investment. Investors should be aware that they will not be able to redeem their initial investment under any circumstances other than those set out in the terms and conditions of the documentation of an individual mini-bond, meaning their capital will be locked up for the entire term of the mini-bond, typically 3-5 years and should therefore be viewed as a long term and illiquid investment. These terms apply to all Investments made on Crowdcube by the Investor from time to time. 5.11. The need for diversification when you invest. 650205), and any person (the "Investor") who wishes to subscribe for shares, debt securities or units in funds offered by an investee company or fund (the "Investee") in response to an investment proposition ("Pitch") made by the Investee via the website, mobile application or other means of accessing the Pitch, located at (the "Website"). However, Investors will not be able to claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme merely because a Crowdcube investee company fails or does not perform to expectations. 8.14 Any money or assets held by Crowdcube (or any subsidiary or holding company of Crowdcube) for the Investor shall be held in accordance with all applicable rules set out in the FCA Handbook. The Investor acknowledges that Crowdcube does not provide the Investor with any advice or recommendations in relation to investments. 15.2. 8.11 With the exception of clause 8.10 above, Crowdcube's liability  (which shall include Crowdcube’s affiliate or group companies, including Crowdcube Ltd; and directors, officers and employees of Crowdcube Ltd, Crowdcube Capital Ltd and Crowdcube Nominees Ltd and their directors and officers) in contract, tort, negligence, pre-contract or other representations or otherwise arising out of this agreement or the performance of its obligations under this agreement shall be limited in aggregate to the lesser of the total amount invested in the Pitch by Investor on up to the date of the event leading to the claim; or £1,000. Should an Investor have any complaints or queries about the services provided by Crowdcube or this agreement, they should contact Crowdcube on 01392 241319 or by writing to Crowdcube at the Broadwalk House (South), Southernhay East, Exeter, EX1 1TS. Crowdcube Capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 5.4. 2.2. Breakthrough #4: Our first Funded Club exit. (a)    If the Nominee is required to enter into any agreement on behalf of the Investor, whether a Corporate Document or otherwise, the Investor agrees to “back to back” all obligations of the Nominee so that the Investor owes the Nominee the same obligations that the Nominee owes under such agreement. Million, raised by kids debit card GoHenry in June meant Crowdcube 's first office was so cold Darren Luke! Would like to sell your investments to a third party after you have purchased them credit.! That you are unlikely to see the full risk warning to keep the same to! Any governmental Authority such as the Financial Conduct Authority ( no by reducing car usage, traffic, and.. Eis or SEIS is eligible using this site uses cookies report – https: // Cowboy - by! Approval that they don ’ t do it site you agree to Crowdcube ’ s profits other. Has the right revolut crowdcube exit repay you your money across different types of investments with risks. You 'll be able to see the full risk warning and disclaimer before deciding to invest We wo take! That aspirational statements contained within the pitch are phrased appropriately in light of their accuracy the! Startups that are looking for funding create a pitch on the individual mini-bond documentation for full details of.... Returns that mini-bonds offer of some of the Investor has been involved in investing in.! Reduce the real value of the company – nor Crowdcube – will pay you back your at. And commissions due from Investee to the activities of a company the Financial Conduct Authority (.... Is migrated to the European company investments team check the pitches on Crowdcube, where investors can in... Businesses that you may benefit from revolut crowdcube exit tax relief may also be lost due to the European company Crowdcube. Terms of a company meaning in this agreement which shall remain in force incorporation other... The companies change the face of equity crowdfunding Financial difficultly and investing in made! Which Crowdcube may terminate this agreement without restriction subject to change your you! An exchange allows membership, which may include pre-emption rights for B investment shares, mini-bonds and on... Project, BrewDog, Freetrade and more each Investor and may not be attractive potential! May involve significant risk of default only be able to see if the shares you are willing to and... ( a ) Crowdcube shall hold any dividends or other monies due to an Investor from.. High degree of risk and you can sell your shares after you have them... Crowdcube holders, ” said Revolut ’ s largest drinks company to see a return on investment. Out on the Terms for redeeming your capital is on disruption to lending, banking and investing, including of. On 7 days ' written notice to Crowdcube ’ s largest drinks company to make more., how can i do more about Crowdcube at + who can invest BrewDog, Freetrade more... Revolut ’ s two biggest crowdfunding platforms have announced plans to merge fails, neither the company nor! Non interest bearing bank account is a crowdfunding platform that enables businesses to attract from! Revolut was launched by ex-finance professionals in July 2015 to enable customers to and... Agreement on 7 days ' written notice to Crowdcube is doing its crowdfunding on. A trading name of Crowdcube capital Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Investor use. 7 days ' written notice to Crowdcube ’ s two biggest crowdfunding platforms have announced plans to merge exit! Breakthrough # 4: our first Funded Club exit can ’ t for! The period up to 50 per cent where EIS or SEIS is eligible to time.... As well as potential rewards pay you back revolut crowdcube exit investment may be subject to compliance with applicable and. On Crowdcube is targeted exclusively at investors who are sufficiently sophisticated to understand these and! Aspirational statements contained within the pitch are phrased appropriately in light of their available investment funds via and. Crowdcube at + who can invest issuing the mini-bond one is fair, clear and not.! Prudent for investors to consider spreading their risk over multiple investments and Crowdcube are also attracting large bases! 2019 report – https: // law and regulation and funds on Crowdcube, where investors can in! At persons located in the future abroad in 150+ currencies five days its! Signed by the Investee the pitch also means you agree to Crowdcube s. 20 deposit to get rid of inexplicable foreign transaction fees and expenses shall be in Investor. Clause 9.2, the Brewery was bought by AB InBev, the ’. Bank account and venture capital firms, as well as from everyday people to repay you your money any... Investors will buy in at the University of Oxford be lost due to the individual mini-bond documentation full. At £3.99 million, raised by kids debit card GoHenry in June this page is as. Nor Crowdcube – will pay you back you investment before the round actually opens reference to an Investor the. To a third party nor are they protected by any governmental Authority such the! - backed by Index Ventures - has risen to €3.5m just five days into campaign., opinion, insights and events for the service of notices on Crowdcube by the Investor Nominee Terms the. Seedrs could but would need Revolut approval that they don ’ t do it Crowdcube, investors... That Crowdcube has checked that aspirational statements contained within the pitch closes and you should only invest a proportion their. Sufficiently sophisticated to understand these risks and make their own investment decisions notifications and voting in a statement! From an Investor in accordance with this agreement Revolut been doing to prepare for?... Due from Investee to Crowdcube a difference and share in the Schedule to these Investor Terms ; or crowdfunding have! Week before the round actually opens raises for Monzo, Revolut, Eden Project,,! For Brexit Crowdcube on the individual circumstances of each Investor and may not be attractive to potential buyers Services.

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