Introduction to Dire Maul Dire Maul is a 5-man dungeon in WoW Classic, made available on Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2019, between Phases 1 and 2. [21] Another was made in a burgundy velvet-like fabric, ornamented with Sith symbols. The first number is for SRV against physical damage, the second number is SRV against special damage, and the third is DMG. Mk VIII. The Sith would generally wear black capes with cuirasses and multi-pouched belts with buckles featuring symbols similar to Sith tattoos. SWGOH.GG is not affiliated with EA, EA Capital Games, Disney or Lucasfilm LTD. As such, very few of them had the chance to change their Jedi garments which led to a yet less uniformed Sith Order. In Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Darth Maul is bested by the Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi despite killing Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn only moments before. Well done. At that point in time, Darth Maul was under Darth Sidious's apprenticeship. His 30.7% moddable health increase is well below the 55.3% average. Most of their other numbers or mediocre or below average, but not too bad considering the better characters generally did a bit worse in terms of finishers. Remove this message when finished. Flat secondaries will become less significant overall, but since they are generally much less significant than percentage based stats (at G13, excluding speed), the G13 increase should still generally be greater after modding. This attitude was still present amongst the Sith millennia later—Master Qordis was known to wear only the finest silks and most expensive jewelry, and he possessed luxurious apartments on Korriban. You can see CamaroAMF's google sheet on that here. Survivability (SRV) = (Health+Protection)/(1-Armor). The Sith Lords of the Old Empire each wore personalized battle armor designed to strike fear into their enemies. Rex (48.1%/ 48.2%/ 8.5%) gets huge SRV increases, largely via health gain. Take flight with the Star Wars Mission Fleet Gear Class Darth Maul Action Figure! Mk III. [10] The Sith armors traditionally consisted of metal plates worn over dark robes, and were usually covered in sharp spines to be used as weapons. Whenever an enemy is defeated, Darth Maul gains bonuses for the rest of the encounter. Some of those artifacts were still intact and usable at the time of the Old Sith Wars, such as Aleema Keto's or Crado's robes,[6] and the dreaded Helm of Dathka Graush. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. $16.99 $ 16. Besides Grievous, Geo Soldier and Spy got the largest DMG increases. ... Gear 1 Gear 2 Gear 3 Gear 4 Gear 5 Gear 6 Gear 7 Gear 8 Gear 9 Gear 10 Gear 11 Gear 12 Gear 13 Remove Ads. x150. The focus here is the second number (SRV against special damage). Though he is in his original Jedi clothing, Darth Vader's robes make a good similarity to the hooded cloaks the Sith often wore. Ben Kenobi's inner robes were also made of the same material, but in a beige version. Some of his allies also got good bonuses, such as Magnaguard getting +30.2%/+32.9% SRV in addition to +10% Potency/Health Steal/Tenacity. As George Lucas envisioned the Sith as the dark counterpart of the Jedi, their robes were mainly designed as black versions of the Jedi apparel. Some time prior to 3998 BBY, the young Onderonian metallurgist Shas Dovos made his own suit of Sith armor out of steel plates, following the instruction of an ancient book. [7] Around 5000 BBY, some of the Massassi warriors who accompanied Naga Sadow on Yavin 4 were also known to sport specialized combat gear that allowed them maximum agility in dense jungle environments.[8]. Palpatine publicly wore it in front of the Senate when he addressed his Declaration of a New Order. The Sith Empire also had huge numbers of minions at its command, including the Sith assault troopers and the Sith Assassins, whose outfits were highly specialized. The Jedi developed a similar garment which was equipped by their military forces. Sabine poses a neat challenge with her gear, one which Kaitis would fall for. Another was the Light training gear which was suited for use in humid environments.[29]. As for the Sith, they seem to be widely inspired by ancient Babylonian or Egyptian fashion; for example, Naga Sadow's and Darth Andeddu's headdress are quite similar to Pharaonic deshret and khepresh crowns. Vandor Chewbacca (11.9%/ 11.9%/ 39.1%). x250. [4] Most Sith Lords would feel pleasure and a sensation of power through the jealousy and greed their material possession aroused among their peers. 99 Entertainment Earth, Inc. markets and sells products, including children's products, for purchase by adults 18 years and over. [5] They adopted a fastuous fashion full of bright colors such as green, light red or purple, with ornamented parts of golden armor. Main Focus: While every character needs speed (yes, I do say this every time because it is true), Darth Maul needs it even more. For users of the dark side, their clothing and armor usually involved some measure of physical protection, such as traditional armor plates, cortosis, or even self-contained life support systems. Each Sith Lord tended to have their unique set of armor, though standard models were known to exist. Thanks for the info though and all the hard work....definitely some interesting numbers here and must have taken some significant time to compile all this data. He also gains 10% Potency. The average DMG increase is 24.3% for special damage and dealers 26% for physical damage dealers. Old Daka gains 37.8%/ 37.8% SRV (she also gains 10% Potency and Tenacity, and a 97.9% moddable health increase). Droideka 14.1%/ 14.1%/ 39.8% His SRV numbers are poor and his seemingly good DMG number is inflated by CC and armor penetration increases (he usually deals true damage). Contents: 4 Miniatures 2 Unit Cards 3 Command Cards 8 Upgrade Cards 13 Assorted Tokens 1 Rulesheet. By birth, Maul was a Nightbrother; a clan of male Zabraks from Dathomir who served as warriors and slaves of the dominant Nightsisters. Sometime after the Great War, a Sith robe was a popular choice of garment for Sith serving the Sith Empire and the Sith Emperor during the Cold War between the Sith and the Republic. ... $13.99 $13.99. Press J to jump to the feed. Padme (14.3%/ 14.3%/ 22.9%) Weak numbers overall. R1: Maul and Kaitis 7/10. That's a big problem for a character that restores protection based on his health and also has special attack that deals damage based on his health. I will usually give 3 numbers for each character, such as +22.1%/+23.4%/+31.5%. This uniform also came to be worn by the trainees at the Sith Academy. 47 $14.99 $14.99. Full Gear List; Mk VI. They’re bringing the floor up with G13 and also bringing JKR and friends closer to it in the process which is a very good thing, R2 looks significant given he also chucks that out to the rest of the team. His SRV numbers is weak, although he also gains 10% Health Steal and 13% Tenacity. You forgot the biggest loser of G13 - the player base. Lord Skere Kaan and Darth Bane themselves were often seen dressed that way, and Bane even wore an armored pauldron and a vambrace to protect his left arm. -This should generally understate the impact, since it does not consider the effect of mod increased being applied on top of all G12 pieces. Please follow the guidelines in the Manual of Style and complete this article to the highest level of quality before continuing on other articles. There are now 222033 members. Though the timespan covered by the Tales of the Jedi stories kind of fits "Star Wars' Middle Age", the style of the costumes rather reflects Antiquity. These miniatures are enhanced by Maul's three signature command cards and eight upgrade cards that explore his connection to the dark side of the Force. Darth Maul is a 12.5/10 to clear DS battles. Let's face it - Maul is not meta, but quite a few toons that are not meta are a LOT better with relics, and might have their place until the time comes that everyone has most toons at r7. He does, and spends the rest of his life as his brother’s right-hand muscle. This episode is the end of Maul's arc, as he finally tracks down his old foe, Obi-Wan Kenobi. The DMG is the physical or special damage increase, which is adjusted to factor in the additional damage from critical chance increases (based on 192% CC) and armor/resistance penetration increases (based on the defender having the G13 average of 42.1% armor/ 32.7% resistance, after the addition of 20% defense from mods). I'm amazed some characters still came out better winners than what they already were, then we have the poor Tuskens for instance. I also have Bastilla (Fallen) and Darth Maul also 7* and same gear levels. Many Sith were most easily recognized by their distinctive garb and often used this to further intimidate or impress their foes and allies alike. x200. They also favored extravagant headdresses, war helmets and capes accented with eccentric necklines. Han Solo 17.3%/ 17.3%/ 46.3% (Also gains 23% Potency), Young Han Solo 19.8%/ 17.7%/ 37.5% (Pro Tip: Don't upgrade him), Darth Vader 14.9%/ 13.6%/ 32.4% (Also gains +19% Potency), Jedi Knight Anakin 23.9%/ 20.9%/ 32.1% (Also gains +15% Potency), Jango Fett 20.1%/ 17.9%/ 31.8% (Also gains +10% Health Steal/Potency/Tenacity), Commander Luke Skywalker 21.4%/ 19.7%/ 29.7% (Also gains +30% Potency and 12% Tenacity), First Order Executioner 21.4%/ 19.8%/ 29.4%, Emperor Palpatine 15.0%/ 16.5%/ 33.3%. He gains +126.6% moddable health when adding his finisher. One set was similar to his favored black robes but was made of a burgandy material. The technology itself had known fundamental improvements in the previous decades, and gave a more austere and high-tech look to the whole Galaxy. His DMG numbers were adjusted to count for his health increase rather than his physical damage increase. This is some amazing analysis here and I love it, Don’t upgrade him? Thank you IdraRage. He'll still be high tier but a bit less OP than before. (Edit: Grievous's numbers were initially underestimated a bit, due to one Mk12 Medpac accidentally being assigned to his G12 moddable health rather than his G13 moddable health. Preparation and assembly may be required. Lackluster SRV numbers seem more significant than a reasonably good DMG figure. Everyone increases everything at G13. [15], Darth Sidious favored monk-like robes made of harsh zeyd-cloth. x240. There are now 219473 members. SheevSmacker. Mk 8 BioTech Implant Salvage. Maul, the Dathomirian Zabrak male who would become the feared Darth Maul, was born on Dathomir to Kycina, a Human Nightsister of Mother Talzin's coven and a Zabrak father who, by tradition, was murdered after Maul's conception. Plastic components. Mk 8 BioTech Implant Component. Kylo Ren (Unmasked) 24.1%/ 50.5%/ 4.8% (Also gains +10% Health Steal & 12% Tenacity), First Order Stormtrooper 24.6%/ 47.8%/ 2.3%, Scarif Rebel Pathfinder 22.3%/ 46.1%/ 0.0%. Coming in January 2021: $9.99 $9.99. They replaced their red and yellow uniforms with azure blue/gray jumpsuits, with higher ranking officers wearing caps. Here are the attackers that gained the biggest damage increases, among the ones that are at least somewhat relevant. Mk 3 Czerka Stun Cuffs Salvage. The key is a finishing blow gives 100% TM. Where the sleeves attached to the main body of the robe, two slits were cut, through which Maul could put his arms.[24]. Mk III. In the end, they didn't, and Maul was k*lled. Mk V. Mk 5 CEC Fusion Furnace Salvage. Savage returns to the Force Witches who give him a new mission: find his long lost brother Darth Maul. It consisted of a dark brown double-breasted Vjun tunic, a pair of horse-riding pants and an armorweave cape—the shape of which would enlarge the Count's silhouette. Darth Nihilus (Leader) Darth Vader, Palpatine, Count Dooku, Darth Sidious (all 7* and gear level 8/9). Some Sith Robes also came fitted with basic armor made of cortosis. Mace being so shafted suggests he is getting a significant rework soon. [4], Unlike their Jedi forefathers, the Sith Lords enjoyed flaunting riches and outstanding signs of their wealth. [17][18] This gave the illusion, by the time of 4 ABY, that Palpatine, the alter-ego of Sidious, had merely been a simple man. Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Chewbacca (14.3%/ 14.3%/ 27.0%) Despite getting a decent damage buff his low SRV increase makes his upgrade look weak overall. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. He is the only character who has 2 Mk12 Medpacs at G12 and this decreased his 3 numbers since they all factored in +32% health mods.). Count Dooku (26.5%/ 26.5%/ 0.0%/ 38.9%) has above average SRV numbers but gains no physical DMG for his basic attack. Here are some of the more significant examples. Brighter colors were left behind in favor of different shades of black, dark purple and gray. These robes shared some similar fashion features with the Jedi Adventure Robe and the Ceremonial Jedi Robes. Or Chief Nebit, Tusken Shaman, Jedi Knight Guardian, etc. Maul can clear 12 guys with three turns. The Dark Lords Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and Darth Sidious. The DMG number already includes modding for +32% health, but with a 195.6% increase in moddable health, some high health secondaries could further increase his DMG numbers. Kun went on with the tradition of the battle armor, as he himself wore one. Give this Topic a upvote this is a huge work! However, that included the G12+ pieces, and was based on going from G12+3 to G13. Grand Admiral Thrawn 12.9%/ 14.1%/ 28.4%. Darth Maul's attire was sewn from a hand woven fabric called Indian Homespun which had been dyed black by costume designer Trisha Biggar. Dovos later merged with his armor, turning him into a new and powerful being known as Warb Null. Because of his Unique Ability, Power of Hatred, investing into health mods and mods which are high in health seems wise. Once Maul acquired the rank of Sith Lord, he wore the black garb of the Sith Order. Starkiller used variants of his basic gear, such as the homemade Heavy training gear which provided protection in toxic and polluted environments. Yolo gave me my first "legit" (as in, not cheesing any infinite looping as 3p0 allowed finn to do) HAAT solo. -These results do not consider the protection increases at G12 that were applied last week. The Sith Lord from the Star Wars saga is back with unique gear and... Read more. Her gear consisted of high-collared tight-fitting black and white shirt and leggings under a flowing black skirt. It was heavier than what Sith usually wore before and after the events of the Great War and the Cold War. Sith apparel was the term given to the general attire of members of the Sith Order in all its forms. 99. The DMG is the physical or special damage increase, which is adjusted to factor in the additional damage from critical chance increases (based on 192% CC) and armor/resistance penetration increases (based on the defender having the G13 average of 42.1% armor/ 32.7% resistance, after the addition of 20% defense from mods). Although similar to the clothing and armor worn by the Jedi Knights of the Galactic Republic, Sith apparel was in fact much more personalized to the wearer than its Jedi counterparts; for many Sith, their armor and robes were an integral part of their identity. Rebel: CLS (Leader), ST Han, Admiral Akbar, Princess Leia, R2D2 (all 7* and gear level 8/9). Miniatures are supplied unpainted. After the Dark Lords Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma established their Brotherhood of the Sith, the first order to their new students was the Jedi pogrom, in which the apprentices were commanded to strike down their Jedi masters. An instant fan favorite, Maul was a fearsome warrior with a deep connection to the dark side of the Force. An example of such training gear was worn by Darth Maul, and consisted of an uniquely tailored vest. ; 11678 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 25443 in the last 7 days, 38497 in the last month. The blockade fell. 28 days ago. In the aftermath of the Mandalorian War, the Republic officers who served under Revan turned and joined the new Sith Empire. He's going to gain a ton of health from his health mods and become even tankier. [22] Another was a gray robe with a large hood, a black velvet capelet and puffed sleeves as seen when he battled Yoda. Mace Windu ( 17.6%/ 20.4%/ 24.7%/ 17.7% ). x200. i'm not dissing him either! -Of course there are many other factors related to character specific kits that are not considered here, this is just meant to give a general idea of the impact of G13. For such a bad character his upgrade seems particularly weak. ... $13.47 $ 13. [19][20] Along with his black robe, Palpatine possessed several sets of Sith robes. The many renegade Dark Jedi who joined Revan simply clung to Jedi garment style, adapted to the dark shades of their new allegiance. Darth Malak wore a skintight crimson bodysuit that showed off his powerful physique. The very large hood would drape down the back while the sleeves were elongated and almost touched the ground. Google Sheet showing SRV/DMG increases under different conditions as well as base stat differences between G12+5 and G13:, Characters that deal both special and physical damage have 4 numbers: The 3rd is DMG (Phys) and the 4th is DMG (Spcl), Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) 18.3%/ 16.4%/ 33.7%, Bastila Shan (Fallen) 16.0%/ 17.2%/ 31.1%, CC-2224 "Cody" 19.1%/ 18.0%/ 13.0%/ 19.8%, Clone Sergeant - Phase I 25.5%/ 23.5%/ 28.8%, Commander Luke Skywalker 21.4%/ 19.7%/ 29.7%, Coruscant Underworld Police 18.9%/ 17.8%/ 39.1%, CT-21-0408 "Echo" 16.9%/ 22.7%/ 26.7%/ 31.9%, First Order SF TIE Pilot 14.3%/ 18.1%/ 29.6%/ 36.8%, First Order TIE Pilot 22.9%/ 18.0%/ 31.9%, Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios 20.6%/ 18.2%/ 33.5%, Grand Moff Tarkin 16.9%/ 21.7%/ 21.3%/ 40.5%, Imperial Super Commando 16.7%/ 15.2%/ 27.4%, Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) 17.7%/ 17.7%/ 28.2%, Nightsister Acolyte 21.4%/ 26.6%/ 27.7%/ 20.4%, Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) 28.6%/ 34.8%/ 6.8%, Rebel Officer Leia Organa 23.0%/ 19.9%/ 34.6%, Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca 20.1%/ 17.8%/ 32.2%, Veteran Smuggler Han Solo 20.2%/ 17.5%/ 36.0%, Young Lando Calrissian 21.6%/ 16.7%/ 31.8%, I utilized NocturnalDemise's G12 finisher stat increases google sheet:

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