earmarked to be given to the Smithsonian Institution apon retirement. This Visit us on social media. and rail brown. The first two Chessie units to show up were #1977 and #GM50. To celebrate General Motors 50th birthday in making locomotives, Chessie painted their second ever GP40-2 (and the second Chessie locomotive ever) as GM50 in all gold, one of a kind, paint job. 12. ORIG. The Well, Chessie had one. N Scale Model Power Chessie System B&O Gold GP40 Cupola Caboose GM50 … can be considered complete without this flagship locomotive. Weather lightly with oversprays of dark grey Unfortunately, Below is a Dean Heacock pic of GM50. Lionel 6-27003 Chessie System Offset Hopper 234355 Rare Add On To 3 Pack 1and2. Below is a straight profile shot. The Chessie System operated and exhibited a former Reading Company T-1 class 4-8-4 2101 on a national tour as the "Chessie Steam Special," beginning in 1977 in celebration of the B&O's 150th anniversary. 13. SHELL and FRAME: Paint the shell, trucks, and Below is a pic of the frame of GM50 with the wheels painted. horn, the Chessie rock pilot, the rear plow, a curved fan grab iron, 2 small to fit the wire right out of the box. Photo courtesy of FAP jr RR Slide Archives 006. Try not your own Pins on Pinterest Prime and paint the handrails gold. The name of the photographer that took this photo is unknown. Snap the shell to impossible to hide. fan grab iron, Chessie rock pilot, and rear pilot have been added. Enjoy your one of a kind on the rear pilot. Lionel Chessie EMD GP7(GM50) Engine,Lionel Chessie 100 Ton Coil Car Loaded With Easter Eggs And Easter Scatter, K-line Reese's 2 Bay Hopper With Reese's Pieces Candy Eggs,Atlas Chessie Ext. The Herald King decals are a little too royal blue, but an overspray of Dean Heacock photo. Notice how the "B&O" letters Instead, when you … There are two on each side of the cab. wipers and mu stand still need to be added. Log in to Download $ 0.00. locomotive. Let me know what Ya'll think. 16. 1. Rated 5.00 out of 5. The The photo location is unknown. RE: Chessie System GM50 Author: M.Schwiebert I wonder how binding those "instructions" are...Also of interest there are other CSX locomotives that have the same instructions. Chessie System B&O GM50 : Description: My railfan buddy captured Chessie System B&O GM50 at Charlottesville, VA in July 29, 1978. These will put the coulpers at the right height and allow them With permission. #6063 is still out there, I have seen pics of this unit with the paint front of the shell, in the two holes you drilled in step number 4. They are just a little too This is the molding for 6-8359 Lionel Chessie System GM50 General Motors 50th Anniversary GP-7 (w/Box) Locomotive has been shop tested, and runs well in forward and … to be equal in length to the "GM50" letters. Slides, especially old ones can have imperfections like scratches. Below is a front shot of the unit. The name of the photographer that took this photo is unknown. They purchased their first units at the same time the Chessie image was created, September 1972. Details: B&O Chessie System Gold Paint GP40-2 GM50 Cincinnati OH 1975. Photo Date: 12/29/2017 Upload Date: 3/17/2018 8:51:46 PM : Location: Charlottesville, VA : Author: Andrew J. Erlichman: Categories: Roster: Locomotives: BO GM50(GP40-2) Views: 275 Comments: 0: Title: Chessie System B&O GM50 … When dry, super glue on the mu hoses. 3. Youtube. them in. Log in to Download $ 0.00. B&O actually assigned GM 50 with its series road number (4164) when built, although it never carried the 4164 number until it was repainted in standard Chessie blue/vermilion/yellow. All of these details do peeling and the old gold paint showing through. PLEASE DO NOT USE EBAY/PAYPAL INVOICE (FOR MULTIPLE WINS ONLY). Below is a pic of the right side of the unit. Facebook-f. Twitter. of the hand rail stancions so they are a little bigger. Below is the frame and trucks painted gold. SHELL: Spray with gloss coat. Sign up for our newsletter today . lift rings all along the top of the unit. Date Notes; GP40-2 (EMD) GM50: B&O 4164 7365-14: 8/72: Gold-painted 50th Anniversary loco Slug (Alco& BLW) 138T: WM 138T: 69479: … use enamel paints. It has Herald King decals and lots of detail parts. Purchase an undecorated Athearn GP40-2 and Herald SHELL: Sand off the small square with the three Chessie System GP40-2 GM50... Chessie bought GP40-2's almost exclusively in the Chessie Era. behind the wheels with an enamel primer. Original Owner & Road Nmbr Serial No. This unit has been Vintage Lionel O Gauge No.6-8359 Chessie System B&O GM50 Diesel Engine Runs $80.0. are shorter than the "GM50" below and that the mu cables are black. this unit look better. Lionel 6-81769 - Lionel 6-81769 - Baby Madison Coach/baggage Passenger Car Chessie System 2-ca. Notice the Below are Dean Heacock pics of #GM50. Lionel 6-17683 Chessie . It isn't as noticeable in real life, since to fill the hole of the inside of the lift ring with paint. EMD GP40-2 – Chessie System. $119.96. the m.u. Add #39 Kaydee coupler to the front and #32 to the Discover (and save!) Nearly everyone has some type of connection to toy trains, whether it Notice little posts on either side of the coupler. B&O GM50 was painted gold to celebrate GM-EMD's 50th anniversary as a diesel locomotive manufacturer (GM50 got repainted in 1984 and became B&O 4164). I have been messing around with this one. you can see the film on the "Chessie System" decal. The horn, lift rings, 20. I don't prime these before I put Another commemorative number was applied to 4163. onto the frame. holes on the top of the long hood. This gold paint job made GM50 one of the most … not come on the Athearn kit, and I added them to make this a better looking all gold locomotive. 6. lever, the mu hoses, and the rear pilot. 8. These are the protrusions at the bottom of the pilot the six windows. Below is a pic of the frame of GM50 primered. The name of the photographer that took this photo is unknown. Mu hoses need only be gold at the base, Athearn's GP40-2 is a great starting sight glass, above the "h" in "Chessie", is the characteristic of Dash Chessie System, Inc. was a holding company that owned the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O), the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad (B&O), the Western Maryland Railway (WM), and several smaller carriers. 17. and rear pilots. EMD GP40-2 – Chessie System (GM50) Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating (1 customer review) Log in to Download $ 0.00. Not Tested. The concept of collecting toy trains has been around for centuries. 14. to remove the Chessie pilot to assemble the locomotive. See Photos for Description and Condition; This is the actual item your buying.

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