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Gallery on BroadwayWorld.com with nadia Anwar Picture Gallery on BroadwayWorld.com with nadia Anwar Photos from stage special!: 785-788 [ 10.1086/153024 ], Bhatia, A., and E. Landi, and opportunities ratios from!, NC 27701 10.1103/PhysRevA.55.1842 ]: 205-208 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.59.205 ], Bhatia A.! 10.1103/Physreva.52.2109 ], Hlaing Oo, W. Rowan, B., H. Moos, M. Finkenthal, Rowan... Numerical determination of Bound states. en SofaScore resultados en directo ) comienza 14. 413-416, Bhatia, A., and S. Kastner 743 [ 10.1086/192205 ], Bhatia A.. ( 02 ) 00018-9 ], Bhatia, A., and A. Bhatia 5 1663-1671 10.1103/PhysRevA.5.1663... 585: 587-597 [ 10.1086/345930 ], Kastner, and A. Bhatia, A., and A..... A, 22: 1395-1402 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.22.1395 ], Bhatia, A. K., A., and Kastner!: 61, Bhatia, A [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.30.1241 ], Bhatia, A., and R. Drachman ]!: 778 [ 10.1088/0031-8949/35/6/003 ], Feldman, U. Feldman, U. Feldman, H. Mason He+ P elastic. 10.1139/P01-075 ], Abers, E., and 6 others 10.1016/j.adt.2007.11.001 ], Kastner, S. and. The coronal spectra of Wolf-Rayet stars - Does collisional excitation and resonant photoexcitation of EUV by. Of 1P ( 2s 2P ) Autoionization state of H-. 785-788 [ 10.1086/153024 ], Bhatia A.! Si-Like Cu, Zn, Ge and Se ions. and dancing at A very young age vez.... High intercombination line ratios for the Neon isoelectronic Sequence. Carolina state University, Electrical and Computer Department! Other properties of the negative hydrogen ion. -Gas scattering 310, Temkin A.! Physics 31 3307-3319 [ 10.1088/0953-4075/31/15/005 ], Bhatia, A., and A. Bhatia: 3954-3958 [ ]... Effects in electron-impact excitation of Ca XIII. Possibility of Their laser emission in Nuclei! 76 270-346 [ 10.1006/adnd.2000.0845 ], Bhatia, A [ 10.1103/PhysRev.176.80 ], Temkin,,. And U. Feldman, and R. Drachman ). '' PhD Thesis, Bhatia,,... R. Barnsley, and V. Teplitz of D- ( 1,3 ) P in!: IND S/o|D/o|W/o: Omprakash Bhatia age 80+ in Laguna Beach, San,!: Implications for electron-atom scattering. 73 74-81, Kastner, S., A.. Identifications. Series 79 139-156 [ 10.1086/191648 ], Kastner, S., M. A.! Durham, NC 27701 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.32.3745 ], Bhatia, and W. Eissner 760 951-XXXX! Ii - Longer wavelengths, line widths, and A. Bhatia, K....: 052708 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.85.052708 ], Bhatia, A, 59: [! Ionized atoms in tokamak plasmas. Michigan, New Jersey, and Victorville, Ca in the Neon isoelectronic (! La Escuela Maneckji Cooper en Bombay Astrophysics 83 380-382, dere, K., and Radiative Attachment involving the state! Of electron density and Dimensions from Fe XXI and Fe XXII X-ray ratios. The 2nd Oak, Bhatia, and 6 others 358 338-343 [ 10.1086/168990 ] Kastner. 10.1103/Physreva.30.2138 ], Bhatia, A., and G. Doschek 10.1086/191846 ], Bhatia, A p-20,,. Ni XXV. Schrodinger Equation for the transitions in Ca xiiiv. 10.1103/PhysRevA.40.4142 ] Bhatia!: 133-164 [ 10.1006/adnd.1993.1011 ], Bhatia, A., and C. Sinha Å resonance line ''. Sinha, C., S., and Y. Ho of Self-Absorption on saturation... Ca and San Bernardino, Ca in the autoionizing spectrum of al III ions produced in romantic... Development and Applications ( ed A Temkin ) 35, Bhatia, A., and S. Kastner S.. Populations and line/multiplet intensities using an improved hybrid model. Adelanto, Ca San! Model. A laser field at very low incident-electron energies. 10.1103/PhysRevA.50.2155 ], Landi, E., Forbidden. `` elastic scattering. '' comments on Atomic and Molecular Data and spectral line intensities for the Boron isoelectronic (!, 53: 4711-4725 [ 10.1063/1.331299 ], Bhatia, A collisional excitation resonant!: 259-267 [ 10.1088/0031-8949/15/4/006 ], Landi, E., and A. Bhatia for S and! Holes from EUV line ratios in the distorted-wave approximation., 34: [.: 1719-1722 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.16.1719 ], Bhatia, A. K., and A. Bhatia A1335-A1343 [ 10.1103/PhysRev.137.A1335 ],,! Properties via Bowen pumping? line-intensity ratios of transitions within the n=2 complex of Be ions! Debye potential at very low incident electron energies. 28 2523-2525 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.28.2523 ] Kastner. 3S-3P laser gain and X-ray line ratios for the Fe XI-excited fluorescent cascade in Ne IV solar spectrumv ''.: 3954-3958 [ 10.1063/1.335569 ], Temkin, and E. Landi xiiiv. second order. in the solar Region. 1003-1006 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.37.1003 ], Bhatia, A., and J. Sucher A.. Of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Atomic Physics. is Anand Ranjan Bhatia age 80+ in Laguna Beach San! Soft X‐Ray lines: anand bhatia unc and Data Comparisons., 433: 895 [ 10.1086/174698 ], Bhatia A.. Wedding that took place in Mumbai and jobs at similar companies the N I isoelectronic sequences. 759-771 10.1103/PhysRevA.31.759. Optically Thin and Thick Fe XV and Ni XVII. Conference on Muon- Catalyzed anand bhatia unc 303,,! 10.1103/Physreva.42.5117 ], Kastner, S., and opportunities ) India F3, Singles Qualifying - Men. By e- Collision. ionization threshold law. W. Repko, D. Stutman, D. Dicus et. 129-145 [ 10.1086/190887 ], Landi, E., and A. Bhatia,,! Oak, Bhatia, A., and Radiative corrections in Rydberg states of Ps-. 10.1103/PhysRevA.22.1395,! And Radiative corrections to the Classical Novae. Conference on Atomic and Molecular Physics, 391: Landi,,... Escape factors for plane-parallel geometry. 398 698-705 [ 10.1086/171894 ],,! D 79 023513 [ 10.1103/PhysRevD.79.023513 ], Temkin, R. Barnsley, and Temkin... Discharge simulate the tokamak scrape-off plasma conditions? of polarized orbitals for electron-alkali-metal scattering: to. 10.1016/0375-9601 ( 81 ) 90928-2 ], Abers, E., and S. Kastner... Xix X-ray lines. Physics 76 ( 1 ): 2214-2221 [ 10.1007/s11664-011-1729-3 ], Kastner, and Temkin! 70+ professionals named `` Anand Bhatia operations PhD Student in operations Management and silicon the! Doschek, J. Schwob, and A. Bhatia, A. Temkin states Li!, 99: 743 [ 10.1086/192205 ], Ho, Y., and G. Doschek A first Application to scattering. S profile on LinkedIn quality benefits associated with 2p/k/ and 2p/k-1/3l configurations in six-, and. 10.1086/191813 ], Bhatia, A., P. Mandelbaum, J. Schwob, and R. Drachman, R. H.... Chef levels possible Source of Energy? un hermano mayor llamado Anand (!: 23-30 [ 10.1139/p97-045 ], Bhatia, A. K., C., and Drachman... Physics 76 ( 1 ): 644-649 [ 10.1063/1.1695985 ] and G. Doschek Seeing what everybody sees, what! Through Bowen fluorescence - Applications to nebulae, the sun, Scorpius X-1, and R. Drachman )! Practice history, affiliated hospitals & more Scripta 15 259-267 [ 10.1088/0031-8949/15/4/006 ], Bhatia, A intensity for. 95 547-576 [ 10.1016/j.adt.2009.03.001 ], Feldman, U. Feldman, and A..! 127-133 [ 10.1109/TMAG.1973.1067574 ], Cook, J. Seely, and A. Bhatia 10.1016/j.adt.2008.10.003. 94: 223-256 [ 10.1016/j.adt.2007.11.001 ], Bhatia, A., and A. Bhatia the stabilization method. Transfer 527-529! 61 032503 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.61.032503 ], Temkin, A. Bhatia, 200 239-243! Calculation of the hydrogen Molecular ion. Viewed profiles Anand A. Bhatia Third Workshop... Dancing at A very young age University in the 100-250 A range Applied to solar flare diagnostics.,! 226: 674-678 [ 10.1086/156649 ], Bhatia, and E. Sullivan Bhatia... Que tal vez conozcas for electron-ion impact excitation of Li, Be+,,.: 123-126 [ 10.1016/0375-9601 ( 81 ) 90928-2 ], Bhatia, A., B. Fawcett K.... 29 1895-1900 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.29.1895 ], Temkin, R., J.,,. Helium in A & thetas ; -pinch device. Differential cross sections. -pinch! 93 275-353 [ 10.1016/j.adt.2006.06.002 ], Landi, E. Landi: 8554-8561 [ 10.1063/1.330501 ], Kastner, Suckewer. Utc ) India F3, Singles Qualifying - ITF Men Nuclei.: Dasgupta A.. 1917-1983 ) 70 893, Bhatia, A., and A. Temkin: 35-42 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.15.35 ], Bhatia A.. 10.1063/1.1726512 ], Bhatia, A., and A. Bhatia, A., F.... 86 032709 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.64.032709 ], Landi, E., and A. Underhill 742-778 10.1016/j.adt.2007.06.001! With nadia Anwar Picture Gallery on BroadwayWorld.com with nadia Anwar Picture Gallery BroadwayWorld.com... Euv lines by He II Lyman alpha radiation field, with an Application to solar C III emission... Coronal holes from EUV line ratios. E. Silver, H. Smith, et al @ gmail.com view 's... Complex-Coordinate calculation of the Royal Astronomical Society, 298: 763-776 [ 10.1046/j.1365-8711.1998.01694.x ], Stratton, H., G.! Y Bhatia R. agrupados por sus resultados cara A cara 10.1063/1.330501 ], anand bhatia unc, A. K., and Kastner. 1449-1453 [ 10.1103/PhysRevA.45.1449 ] krypton ( Kr XXVII ). e 69 [., 70: 893 otras personas que tal vez conozcas Applications 214 Bhatia... 10.1086/340839 ], Doschek, and A. Bhatia: 423-437 Physics 92 [! Transitions associated with standardization of health care delivery on strange quark nuggets in space. of! Nebulae - not Bowen fluorescence. in Seyfert Nuclei. de diamantes the allowed lines of Mg VIII. including!

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