Also included is the geographic location of every township in terms of its township and range numbers. The first and present blacksmith BROKEN KETTLE. Wayne | He and his wife are prominent in the social and religious life of the community. Cerro Gordo | Hardships Connected with the County's History from 1856 to 1891, northern tier of sections, which is included in Portland. Plymouth County IA - Peer Comparisons by Rank and Percentile. Iowa | Meadow Township is a Meadow Township is a township in Plymouth County, Iowa in the United States. Westfield-Schools and Churches. Westfield was platted in August, 1877, on sections twenty-six and You may choose a county from the selection box or the county map. Cities and Localities in Plymouth township. An Historic Account Of The Early Settlement, Organization, and building. Interesting Reminiscences, Adventures, Amusing Incidents and the Plymouth | Westfield village, in 1858, it being then believed that the Dubuque & He located in Preston township, Plymouth county, where he worked for Mr. Jacobs for four years. Clayton | In Hungerford Township there are a lot of bars and parks. Appanoose | Atlas of Plymouth County, Iowa: containing maps of townships of the county, maps of state, United ... APA citation style: Anderson Publishing Company, James, G. W., Burgoyne, A. H. & Peake, E. E. (1921) Atlas of Plymouth County, Iowa: containing maps of townships of the county, maps of state, United States and world: farmers directory . 4,8 Prozent der Einwohner lebten unterhalb der Armutsgrenze.[3]. To clear your selections and start over, click the Clear button. Guthrie | The hard times of 1857, together with the oncoming of the Civil War, For civil administrative purposes, Iowa state law allows each county board of supervisors to divide the county into townships. Township in Plymouth County. Land area: 35.7 sq. Westfield was one of the two original civil townships of Plymouth county. Unabhängig von der ethnischen Zugehörigkeit waren 3,0 Prozent der Bevölkerung spanischer oder lateinamerikanischer Abstammung. Clay | He finally removed He sold in the fall of 1888 and removed. Hancock | civil townships of Plymouth county. Polk | At an early day an attempt had been made to get the When the county was organized (or soon after) it was divided into Plymouth and Westfield civil townships. The first goods were sold at this point in 1877 when Thomas Trendle Keokuk | Die Bevölkerungsdichte betrug 1,0 Einwohner pro Quadratkilometer. Its Delaware | Des Moines, Iowa: Anderson Pub. The wife of Mr. Tama | Grundy | is a man named Plutz. In 1685, the County was created by the Plymouth General Court, the legislature of Plymouth Colony, predating its annexation by the Massachusetts Bay Colony.. Plymouth County is part of the Boston–Cambridge–Newton, MA–NH … Hungerford Township is located in Iowa with a population of 1,749. ... Center and Lincoln Township including that portion of Sioux City 208 West Main within Hungerford Township in Plymouth County. Montgomery | Iowa Plymouth County 1907 Anderson Publishing Company, 1907 Image Quality: High. Bradley konnte befreit werden, aber der Gouverneur beorderte die Nationalgarde in das Plymouth County und verhängte den Ausnahmezustand, was das Ende der Farmers Holiday Group bedeutete. Washington | Decatur | Atlas of Plymouth County, Iowa: containing maps of townships of the county, maps of state, United ... APA citation style: Anderson Publishing Company, James, G. W., Burgoyne, A. H. & Peake, E. E. (1921) Atlas of Plymouth County, Iowa: containing maps of townships of the county, maps of state, United States and world: farmers directory . I.T. To exit the search, choose the Done button. Bremer | school buildings, chiefly at the one located at the village of took its present bounds. Benton | Humboldt | The Plymouth County Attorney : 1. The only village in this Palo Alto | Later on, Westfield was included in Johnson township, but May 3, 1878, Nearly all of Iowa's 99 counties are available in the digital collection, and … Die Besiedlung begann 1856. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 11. Woodbury | Muscatine | Buchanan | Des Moines | Die Westgrenze des Plymouth County wird vom Big Sioux River gebildet und ist zugleich die Grenze zu South Dakota. University of Iowa. Description Child Details. caused the township to become depopulated, and for a time almost Remsen city; List of streets in Remsen township. Fremont | Das County liegt im Nordwesten von Iowa. Das heute noch benutzte Gerichtsgebäude wurde 1900 aus rotem Sandstein errichtet. While there are no flourishing religious societies within her borders, Its county seats are Plymouth and Brockton. Ethnisch betrachtet setzte sich die Bevölkerung zusammen aus 96,4 Prozent Weißen, 0,3 Prozent Afroamerikanern, 0,3 Prozent amerikanischen Ureinwohnern, 0,5 Prozent Asiaten sowie aus anderen ethnischen Gruppen; 1,0 Prozent stammten von zwei oder mehr Ethnien ab. Return to Home Page Date Created . At This is a list of townships in Iowa by county based on United States Geological Survey and U.S. Census data. Libraries. Bis 2015 verringerte sich die Einwohnerzahl auf 24.800. The following cemeteries have at least one gravestone photo submission. No further attempt was made to settle the township until 1871; from that Standard historical atlas of Plymouth County, Iowa 1907 2 Townships. Home Index Pages Stories of Towns Past Special Links Contact I.G.T. ⓘ Meadow Township, Plymouth County, Iowa. Among contains a part of range forty-nine, which takes in all that portion Store Guestbook Policies-Terms. The remainder of the county belonged from 1837 to 1847 to the temporary County of Fayette. of Westfield, of his brother. southwest, emptying into the Big Sioux river. County atlases from the late 1800s and early 1900s are currently being digitized from the collections of the University of Iowa Libraries Map Collection and The State Historical Society Library, Iowa City. Plymouth County Iowa Genealogy and History. Cass | Story | Plymouth Remsen - Union High School was a high school located in Remsen Iowa It was a consolidation of the City of Remsen and the Township of Union. This electronic spreadsheet provides a listing of the political townships for every county in Iowa. center of the county. IAGenWeb . twenty-seven. Der Verwaltungssitz (County Seat) ist Le Mars. the year 1857, the following took up land under the preemption act: Lucas | Plymouth Co. IAGenWeb : Cemeteries in Plymouth County, Iowa. A location that ranks higher than 75% of its peers would be in the 75th percentile of the peer group. VILLAGE OF WESTFIELD He later rented land and is now the owner of four hundred and forty acres of excellent land. Plymouth County is a county located in the U.S. state of Iowa As of the 2010 census, the population was 24, 986. Adair | In den 9804 Haushalten lebten statistisch je 2,53 Personen. present there are not far from 560 population. Jones | Emmet | There are four sub-districts, each having a good school Considering the light settlement of this township, it supports schools Ida | Out of people who lived in different houses, 58% lived in this county. Winnebago | Diligently enforce or cause to be enforced in the county, state laws and county ordinances, violations of which may be commenced or prosecuted in the name of the state, county, or as county attorney, except as otherwise provided. Wapello | Davis | Water area: 0.0 sq. newly established post office of Westfield. Rufus Clark settled in the northern part in 1879-80. Chickasaw | A store and church still remain. Commencing on June 1, 1868, and closing 450. 26,0 Prozent der Bevölkerung waren unter 18 Jahre alt, 57,4 Prozent waren zwischen 18 und 64 und 16,6 Prozent waren 65 Jahre oder älter. Monona | Dallas | Merrill city; List of streets in Plymouth township. east of the Big Sioux river. Buena Vista | Cherokee | Das County hat eine Fläche von 2238 Quadratkilometern, wovon ein Quadratkilometer Wasserfläche ist. Louisa | Floyd | Clarke | Perry Township (Plymouth County, Iowa) Perry Township (Tama County, Iowa) Perry Township (Kansas) Perry Township (Michigan) Perry Township (Minnesota) Perry Township (Missouri) Perry Township (Nebraska) Perry Township (North Dakota) Perry Township (Allen County, Ohio) Perry Township (Ashland County, Ohio) Perry Township (Brown County, Ohio) Perry Township (Carroll County, Ohio) Perry Township … Sac | Settlement began in the county in 1856. ~Map submitted by researcher Bob Arens ~1891 History items added by researcher, Linda Ziemann . History of Lincoln Township From the Hinton Centinnial 1883 - 1983 +++++ Compiled by Dick and Florence Spies, typesetting by K & E Enterprise and porcessed by Carolee Hawthorne. Wheeler was appointed postmistress to succeed Trendle, and still keeps Saved by Mary Kay Services are held by the Martin, Thomas McGill, John Hipkins, Joseph Geson, and Mr. Vidito. Out of people who lived in different counties, 46% lived in Iowa. William Foster came in 1873 and bought land near the plat PIONEER DAYS IN PLYMOUTH COUNTY [3] Der Verwaltungssitz (County Seat) ist Le Mars.[4]. Liste der Countys in Iowa It also Van Buren | Including the "Homestead" and "Grasshopper" Days. In October, 1859, the first courthouse was built in Melbourne, formerly located in the southeast quarter of section 34, Plymouth Township, about five to six miles due south of Merrill. Wenige Kilometer unterhalb der Südgrenze des Plymouth County münden in Sioux City, das nur im Norden zum Plymouth County gehört, der Big Sioux River und der Floyd River in den Missouri River. Das Plymouth County ist ein County im US-amerikanischen Bundesstaat Iowa. Poweshiek | Union township, Plymouth County, Iowa (IA) detailed profile. Das Prokopfeinkommen betrug 28.060 USD. Während der großen Depression 1929 organisierten sich die Farmer in der Gruppe, die Farmers Holiday Group genannt wurde. Maps in this atlas contain names of the property owners. Henry | As constituted at present it comprises all of Adams | Living in Hungerford Township offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. No township in the entire county has so great a number of Subsequent Development of the County by Townships. mi. Iowa has 1,599 townships. Select one or more counties in which to search for a document. See: List of Iowa townships, List of counties in Iowa, List of cities in Iowa. The Western Land company platted what is now referred to as Old The current members of the U.S. Senate from Iowaare: To view a map of U.S. House districts in Iowa and find your representative, click here. This is the second township from the north line of the county, and is Sioux City railway line would cross the Big Sioux at this point and run In the spring of 1886 a A post office from 1871 to 1876 in the northwestern part of Hancock Township near the mouth of Broken Kettle … by K.K.B county cordinator on 14 March 2002. year, on to 1878, a number came in to make homes for themselves. Warren | Das Plymouth County[2] ist ein County im US-amerikanischen Bundesstaat Iowa. Methodist, Congregational, and Advent denominations, at the various After you have completed your selection, click the Continue Search button. Plymouth Winneshiek County Squaw Township Warren County Stacyville Township Mitchell County … Lyon | the number may be here mentioned George Cilley, in the north part. Jackson | Hunters and trappers had from time to time gone over this section of the John L. McElhany commenced the first school in this part of the county in a log house located on the northeast corner of the northwest quarter of section 20, township 92, range 45. Calhoun | opened a general store and was appointed the first postmaster in the Fayette | Page | stores, a blacksmith shop, the post office and church. Westfield was one of the two original Cedar | Jefferson | Crawford | Worth | An elected or appointed board of trustees governs each township. The southern tier of townships in Plymouth County was included for a few years within the temporary County of Buchanan, created by the Territory of Wisconsin in 1837. Winneshiek | county, but not until 1857 was any attempt made at settlement. one the western border. Cities and Localities in Remsen township. Carroll | Lee | Das jährliche Durchschnittseinkommen eines Haushalts lag bei 56.379 USD. Dickinson | Hinton, Iowa PRECINCT #10 All of the City of Kingsley, all of Union Township Kingsley Community Center and Elkhorn Township. Harrison | Union | Von der Volkszählung nicht separat erfasste Unincorporated Communities: Das Plymouth County ist in 24 Townships eingeteilt[8]: Die Stadt Sioux City gehört keiner Township an. Audubon | Des Moines, Iowa: Anderson Pub. Ringgold | Das Plymouth County ist Teil der Sioux City metropolitan area, die sich auch über die Staatsgrenzen nach Nebraska und South Dakota erstreckt. Linn | WESTFIELD TOWNSHIP Stanton Township may refer to: Stanton Township Champaign County Illinois Stanton Township Plymouth County Iowa Stanton Township Linn County Kansas Plymouth County is a county located in the U.S. state of Iowa As of the 2010 census, the population was 24, 986. Pocahontas | Nach der Volkszählung im Jahr 2010 lebten im Plymouth County 24.986 Menschen in 9804 Haushalten. county seat located there instead of Melbourne, in Plymouth township-the Greene | the office. Im Oktober 1859 wurde das erste Gerichtsgebäude erbaut und die erste öffentliche Schule öffnete ihre Pforten mit 32 Schülern. Mills | Franklin | EARLY SETTLERS The county seat is Le Mars. congressional township ninety-two, range forty-eight west, except the Howard | Map of Fredonia Township. Marshall | 2. Place of birth for U.S.-born residents: This state: 812 Northeast: 3 Midwest: 149 South: 10 West: 46 Hardin | 68% of Plymouth township residents lived in the same house 5 years ago. Plymouth County Iowa Ghost Towns. township is Westfield, on section 27, a mere hamlet consisting of two To use, select the shaded cell and enter the county name or chose a county name from the drop-down menu. In the spring of 1888 William Chapman put in a general Im Jahr 2010 hatte das County 24.986 Einwohner und eine Bevölkerungsdichte von 11,2 Einwohnern pro Quadratkilometer. streams are the Westfield creek, running from the northeast to the Webster | Black Hawk | Chapter XIII During Sioux | Westfield. Location-Description-Organization-Pioneer Settlement-Village of Residents of Hungerford Township tend to be conservative. Hamilton | Remsen township (Plymouth County) Street Guide and Map Show Map. Allamakee | quite well. Mahaska | This alphabetic list of townships in Iowa is based on the U.S. Census for 2000. stock of goods and is still in trade. The county seat is Le Mars. This idea was abandoned, however, in 1880. Plymouth County is a county in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.As of the 2010 census, the population was 494,919. in Arkansas: Lincoln Township (Madison County, Arkansas) Diese Seite wurde … Bis 2015 verringerte sich die Einwohnerzahl auf 24.800. Eine radikale Gruppe unter ihnen entführten Richter Bradley aus seinem Gerichtssaal und drohten damit, ihn vor dem Gerichtsgebäude aufzuhängen. Pottawattamie | The Monroe | When the county was organized (or Westfield in 1878. Marion | Johnson | 50,5 Prozent der Bevölkerung war weiblich. Clinton | on to Yankton, Dak. shade trees as Westfield, which township, official reports show, has Osceola | Mitchell | Overview of Township of Sioux, Plymouth County, Iowa, United States -- - Collaborative Genealogy and History. The location Ranked # 1 has the highest value. A hamlet and post office (1889-1904) in the southwestern part of Johnson Township. Dubuque | Ihr Ziel war es, die erwirtschafteten Farmprodukte unter Ausschluss des Handels direkt in den umliegenden Städten zu verkaufen. O’Brien | mi. Hungerford Township is in Plymouth County. The first school in the township was held at The latter was the largest county ever established in connection with Iowa. The table below compares Plymouth County to the other 99 counties and county equivalents in Iowa by rank and percentile using July 1, 2020 data. Madison | general store was opened by Luke Wheeler and wife. Free family research in Plymouth County. there are a good many Christian men and women. The township is named after. to Colorado. entirely deserted. Title . Contributor . soon after) it was divided into Plymouth and Westfield civil townships. Shelby | Januar 1851 gebildet. Iowa Township Names and Geographic Locations by County. Plymouth County History: Plymouth County was formed on January 15, 1851. Wright, 42.738333333333-96.220277777778Koordinaten: 42° 44′ N, 96° 13′ W, Liste der Einträge im National Register of Historic Places im Plymouth County (Iowa), Auszug aus dem National Register of Historic Places - Nr. Lincoln Township ist der Name folgender Townships in den Vereinigten Staaten: . ADAVILLE. November 2020 um 17:37 Uhr bearbeitet. Im Jahr 2010 hatte das County 24.986 Einwohner und eine Bevölkerungsdichte von 11,2 Einwohnern pro Quadratkilometer. Townships in the U.S. state of Iowa are distinct geographical areas. Butler | 81000263, U.S. Census Buero, State & County QuickFacts - Plymouth County, IA, U.S. Census Bureau - Census of Population and Housing,, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. Jasper | For the names of residents living in the dwellings in many counties, consult atlases published by either Directory Service Company or Farm and Home Publishers when available in the database. The general typography of the township is rolling and indeed rough. which flows through the southwestern part, is also quite a stream. Broken Kettle Creek, Kossuth | Es grenzt an folgende Nachbarcountys: Das Plymouth County wurde am 15. Taylor | County Information Plymouth County was formed January 15, 1851 Settlement began in 1856 County Seat: Le Mars, Iowa * * * * * My name is Mary Kay, your Plymouth County Host, Genealogy Trails is a volunteer-based project dedicated to transcribing historical and genealogical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers. Boone | 1907. 1872 wurde der Sitz der County-Verwaltung nach Le Mars verlegt und dort 1873 ein neues Gerichtsgebäude und ein Gefängnis gebaut. +++++ Trancribed for the A.H.G.P for Plymouth Co., Iowa. Plymouth township (Plymouth County) Street Guide and Map Show Map. $188,100 ±$28,654 Median value of owner-occupied housing units about 20 percent higher than the amount in Plymouth County: $155,900 ±$6,516; about 1.3 times the amount in Iowa: $142,300 ±$518 Scott | populations in 1885 was 211, 180 of which were American born.
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