1) - Simpsons Time Couch Gag [HD] ComicBook.com. interview. The best of Simpsons intros in season 1. (Some later airings have Homer screaming in pain). In a parody of the Macintosh paint program, Kid Pix, a mouse cursor drags Homer from the left side of the couch to the right, changes the wall color to green, and replaces the boat painting with the Mona Lisa. Simpsons Couch Gag Season 7. Everyone (save Maggie, who's with Marge) comes in on bumper cars and slams Homer into the wall repeatedly. LA MUERTE DE LA FAMILIA SIMPSONS | THE SIMPSONS COUCH GAG | DJ JESU 1. This video is unavailable. 4 Crash test dummy Homer's head falls off from the trauma. The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXIV . Take a journey into Homer's brain and push the boundaries of animation. VIDEOREACCIÓN: The Simpsons couch gag [YOURE NEXT] *LA MUERTE SANGRIENTA DE LOS SIMPSONS… A cement truck pours out concrete statues of the Simpson family. First Appearance A Sigmund Freud caricature is sitting in a chair next to the couch. The following is a list of couch gags seen in the opening sequence of The Simpsons for Seasons 11 through 15. Season 1 - Episode 4. Marge (with Maggie in hand), Bart, and Lisa successfully do skateboard tricks off the ramp and onto the couch. "Marge's Son Poisoning". The Simpsons (save Maggie, who is in Marge's arms) are barefoot and briskly walking across a bed of hot coals. Maggie, however, is replaced by lucky number "7" as a pile of gold coins spill out. A woman throws some seeds into a plot of dirt where the couch usually is, and waters them; everybody sprouts up like plants. Playing next. Then, Professor Frink is attacked by his futuristic flying couch with lasers. Season 6 - Episode 1. Everybody is a mime, walking against the wind and then sitting on a non-existent couch. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Everybody slides down separate poles and end up on the couch, in, The couch is a street bench in Japan, and everyone is a famous anime character: Homer is. Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (dressed in jungle loincloths) swing into the room on a vine gracefully like Tarzan. Santa’s Little Helper dances on his hind legs like Snoopy on The Charlie Brown Christmas Special while the popular "Peanuts" theme plays. Writers: Al Jean, Mike Reiss. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Somebody offscreen throws knives at the wall while everyone is seated on the couch, but when Homer reaches for a bowl of chips, a knife nearly hits him. A crane game clamp comes down and picks up Homer. The following is a list of couch gags seen in the opening sequence of The Simpsons for Seasons 21 through 25. The living room is wet from the splash and Homer uses his finger to clean his ear out while clicking on the TV with the remote. summary. 5 yıl önce | 11 görüntülenme. Report. Browse more videos. The Simpsons Couch Gags — Season 2 - Episode 9 7F09 : Itchy & Scratchy &... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. The top half of Homer’s statue quickly breaks off and falls to the floor. The Simpson family runs in to sit on the couch, but it turns into a monster and chases them, even Santa's Little Helper, out of the house. Maggie squirms out with ball in hand, spikes it, and does a victory dance. Ara. The Simpsons Couch Gags. The camera zooms out to reveal that the living room is in a fish bowl. Bildir. (Halloween episode) Airdate: January 28, 1990. Browse more videos. Kitaplık. In black and white, everyone is wearing early-20th-century clothing and is watching the TV from a girder at a construction site. 40 seconds The bouncer lets Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie in, but sends Homer away. is muted out). Kayıt ol. 5:32 . A giant baby picks up doll versions of the Simpson family and plays with them. Homer fails and falls up through the ceiling into the sky. The Simpsons ' twenty-third season began airing on Fox on September 25, 2011, and ended May 20, 2012. Report. On one couch gag Homer Simpson walked onto the screen like James Bond and shot the camera. Bessieyukiko 7403. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This Michal Socha-directed couch gag kicks off an all-new episode, SUN 8/7c on FOX. Couch gags in earlier seasons were simple but then became more interesting in later seasons. Next, Eddie and Lou are scarily hugging each other inside the police car while a destroyed pink, green, and yellow couch are attacking the police car. Sonraki oynatılıyor. Theme Music by: Danny Elfman. 5 years ago | 240 views. A siren wails and a searchlight moves as The Simpsons (dressed in striped prison jumpsuits) tunnel their way to the couch. Eventually, Homer takes shelter in a store called "Couch World", where he sits on a purple couch while relieved. The family members (mostly) appear as they have in previous Halloween episodes: Homer is a jack-in-the-box (from II), Bart is a mutant fly (from VIII), Marge is a witch (also from VIII), and Maggie is an alien (from IX); Lisa, an ax murder victim (the only one not based on a previous episode), comments on the lackluster Halloween special hosted by Kang and Kodos ("What do aliens have to do with Halloween?"). The couch is a slot machine that shows Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa in the tumbler windows. Playing next. Follow. The following is a list of couch gags seen in the opening sequence of The Simpsons for Seasons 11 through 15. https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Attacking_Couches_couch_gag?oldid=735606. couch gag 176 GIFs. They chop the couch to pieces while Homer does a spinning kick and clicks on the TV with the remote. Everybody is a bag on a moving dry-cleaning rack, which stops over the couch. Everybody's head pops out of a giant piece of apple pie. They squeeze in to the left of him. Homer hops on the couch and yells, "Oh, doctor, I'm crazy! Simpsons Couch Gag Season 7. The couch is outside a prison wall. The Simpson … The Simpsons: Season 26, Episode 1 . LA MUERTE DE LA FAMILIA SIMPSONS | THE SIMPSONS COUCH GAG | DJ JESU 1. The living room floor is frozen over. The camera pans up to reveal, Homer is on water skis, with the others on him, as he ski-jumps over sharks; everybody lands on the couch, but Homer is without his legs, which are in the sharks' mouths Homer doesn't notice. The couch slides forward and slams into the TV (simluating a car crash test), then pulls back into place. 5:00. Instead of an empty couch, however, a Vincent Price-esque mad scientist and a shackled and scared, Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie slide down a fire pole that's next to the couch. Finally, Moe is attacked by the booths and stools in his bar, so he drinks a full bottle of whiskey, cocks his shotgun, and begins to shoot his booths and stools, which he does quite well at. Attacking Couches couch gag A gardener comes in and creates a topiary of The Simpsons. The shot opens on the TV rather than the couch. When the family sits on the couch, they prop their feet up, revealing their black and smoldering soles. Takip et. The Attacking Couches couch gag is the fourth couch gag of Season 17. The other family members, dressed as archetypical silent film characters, join Homer. D&D Beyond The family arrives to find two repo men carrying the couch away. Homer takes a bite from the pie. LA MUERTE DE LA FAMILIA SIMPSONS | THE SIMPSONS COUCH GAG | DJ JESU 1.
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