SLKR sith raid ultimate stuck 2 Obituss. MSF Envoy: Ant-Man & Wasp Get Reworks to Fit New Pym Tech Faction, MSF Envoy: Four New Characters Incoming Including Doctor Doom & New Pym Tech Faction, MSF: Best Iso-8 for Spider-Man (Symbiote), SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Mod Views and In-Game Recommendations, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Dots/Rarities and Mod Levels, SWGoH 101 Mod Guide: Primary and Secondary Stats, SWGoH … Take out the Stormtrooper Captains first. Requires: Five 7* Ewoks to complete final tier; C-3PO unlocks at 5* after T5. 2 iceman_pyroman. Gear possible are Mk 12 Wrist Band Prototype Salvage x3, Mk 12 Multi-tool PS x3, Mk 12 Visor PS x3, MK 7 CEC S x4, Mk 8 Nubian Security Scanner S x4, Mk 6 Carbanti S x4, Repeatable for 600 crystals max of ? After spending a lot of time in the Forums, I picked up tips and tricks here and there, and eventually mastered the Art of War. Josh says: February 13, 2017 at 2:55 pm. 85. Tier III has you use 7 Star Thrawn with 4 other Empire to take down the Phoenix Rebels. QGJ, JC, luminara and Ahsoka. So, not only are you waiting 3-4 months for your chance but just having the right tools won't be enough. Double that feeling if heal Thrawn. Fall Into Oblivion. But that doesn't change the fact that even after moving mods and setting my strategy that it still took countless restarts. The Mythic version of the Legendary Event Artist of War let's you replay the last tier of the original event along with two newly added tiers. If you would like to help, please contact the person who added this to the page. Don't use Backup Plan on Kanan Jarrus. This also unlocks a bonus tier that rewards 10 ship blueprints that is replayable every time the event returns. The Mythic version of the Legendary Event Artist of War let's you replay the last tier of the original event along with two newly added tiers. Contact Protocol Legendary Event. Wave 1: All Lv 84, Gear 10 Stormtrooper x4 and Stormtrooper Commander all ELITE, Gear 9 Stormtrooper. This page was last edited on 25 December 2020, at 01:52. Tier II is Tier I with the ability to use any 7 star characters in your roster to beat it. With Hera taking the top spot on your team, that leaves you with 5 Phoenix members and 4 slots. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a turn-based battle game which requires a massive amount of patience and attention to detail, whether you’re FTP or PTP. 85. 85. 2 127 Tuesday by Proffesor_Bones ... 4 hewpumpkin. 50 Crystals. It rewards MK V-B or Mk V-A mods and will require Phoenix and Empire characters. Under Construction! This page is currently being worked on and may be missing some information. I'm an expert gamer on Android and IOS. 3 starpipl. ... A Mediocre Player's Guide to SWGoH. If your team is geared to level 9+ with strong mods, you'll get to the final battle and the fun really begins. Tater000 589-249-956 Home The Republīc Tater000' profile. Losing Kanan is a deathblow to the team as outlined above. Once you complete the 4 tiers you unlock the Finalizer at 4 stars. The problem is that there's only one way to get Thrawn, the Artist of War event, and it's probably the most difficult legendary event in the game. What is SWGOH.GG? She can do a single debuff cleanse which calls that ally to attack with bonuses. times. The only leader for the Phoenix Squadron is Hera. Galactic War. If you're going to use Backup Plan at all, you need to wait until Thrawn has already used Fracture otherwise it's wasted. Beat Artist of War Tier VII. Original Post — Direct link about 1 year ago - /u/EA_HighCommand - Direct link That message is usually coming up when your game client is out of sync with the server. All 4 Galactic Legends 3v3 GA Defense - F2P Emperor Palpatine Unlocked Today! I just did it with hera 16.5k hp and 15k prot, zeb 19k hp and 16k prot(spd 198) chopper 17k hp and 15k prot (spd 211) kanan hp 21k prot 17k) ezra (13k hp 10k prot spd 174 and 216 crit dmg) all gear 8 and unique abilities were omega'd which helped alot. Tier 1 is a repeat of the Legendary Event with same requirements. I was able to 7* Thrawn last time around and I didn't find enough information for my taste on just how to beat it without trying 100 times for the right RNG. With her leadership skill, Phoenix unique skills are shared. This isn’t a quick level up, shoot em’ up kind of game. This guide is intended for newer players approaching the Mythic Tier of Ground War. Thank you for understanding. Translation: you'll be using it on either Sabine or Ezra to do some serious damage on Thrawn and his death troopers. Simply put, if not for this event, they're a ragtag bunch that is best off as your 4th or 5th squad.
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