of words or verbs; forming a word or words rheme: speech element that expresses an idea rheography: measurement of blood flow rheology: science of the deformation or flow of matter rheometer: instrument that measures current rheophile: living or thriving in running water rheostat: instrument for measuring electric resistance rheotaxis SEE AN ANIMATION OF DNA REPLICATION. radius /RĀD-ee-əs/ The smaller of the two bones of the forearm; it lies on the same side as the thumb. random mating (also panmixia and panmixis) In a population, mating in which all potential reproductive pairings between individuals occur with equal likelihood. regulatory sequence A DNA sequence controling gene expression. Site members have full access to an ad-free, print-friendly version of the site. radical /RAD-ə-kəl/ A group of atoms viewed as a single unit, that can pass unchanged from one molecule to another, but that are not stable as independent entities. To succeed, students must gain a foundational understanding of the many complex science words used in the eighth grade science curriculum. retrovirus /REH-trō-VÄ«R-əs/ An RNA virus that uses reverse transcriptase to create a DNA copy of itself. Whether you’re looking to read a science fiction novel, or a book on apologetics and theology, Matt has written several books available in Kindle format or paperback on Amazon. recombination The occurrence of progeny having combinations of traits different from the combinations seen in the parents (due to crossing-over and independent segregation of chromosomes). Emotions that start with R. Rage: a feeling of intense anger. Rats transmit a wide variety of diseases to human beings. The study of middle school science concepts is intriguing and challenging, yet the subject matter is vast. This alliterative coloring page featuring the letter R will have her learning the way the letter looks, sounds and fits into the world around her. Are you looking for verbs that start with r (r verbs)?Then, the following list of over over 955 verbs is for you. Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph.D. "Chemistry Abbreviations Starting with the Letter R." ThoughtCo. regurgitation /rə-ger-jə-TĀ-shən/ (1) The return of stomach contents to the mouth; (2) passage of blood back through a heart valve. The radicle is usually the first structure to emerge during germination. recessive allele /ə-LEEL/ In a diploid organism, an allele manifested only when two copies of it are present at a locus. reciprocal cross n. A hybrid cross occurring between the same two types of organisms, but with the sexes of the parents reversed. ribosomes /RĪB-ə-sōm/ Cellular organelles, present in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, that use mRNA templates to synthesize proteins, a process known as translation. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. Absolute Date: An estimate of the true age of a mineral or rock based on the rate of decay of radioactive minerals. A- adaptation- a form or structure modified to fit a changed environment. MORE INFORMATION, ruminate /ROOM-ə-nate/ To digest with a multi-chambered stomach and by chewing cud. The proportion of antibody bound to unlabeled antigen can then be determined. radicle/RAD-ə-kəl/ The root of a plant embryo. What scientific words start with the letter 'K'? Find 11430 words beginning with the letter R now! Until recently, once symptoms set in, this disease had no cure. Found 34446 words that start with r. Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words starting with r. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play! rumen /ROOM-ən/ The first stomach chamber of a ruminant. Rickettsia /rə-KEHT-see-yə/ A class of microorganisms often described as intermediate between viruses and bacteria; differ from bacteria in being obligate parasites (cannot grow in the absence of living cells); differ from viruses because they are retained in a Berkefeld filter. recombinant DNA technology In vitro techniques for combining DNA segments from distinct sources into a single DNA molecule. Updated May 04, 2019 Chemistry abbreviations and acronyms are common in all fields of science. rare-cutter enzyme See: restriction site. rabcat /RAB-cat/ The alleged offspring of a buck rabbit and a female cat, also known as a cabbit. The words of a language We have collected almost all the words related to Science and listed them here for your reference. PICTURE, radula (pl radulae) /RAHD-jə-lə/ A rough appendage present in many mollusks. reticulum /rə-TICK-yə-ləm/ The second stomach chamber of a ruminant. OTHER THAN KINETIC ENERGY!!!!! MORE INFORMATION. Start With R and End In S. Starting with r or prefix "r", and ending with s. List of 422 words that start with r and end in s. Add length, consonants, vowels, syllables, … right splicing junction (also acceptor splicing site) Boundary between an intron's right end and the adjacent exon's left end. Yttrium - An element on the periodic chart 2.
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