There are mainly five main shots in a badminton play. Position: In badminton, your position will determine the fate of your shots. You should shift your weight on to your rear foot, to maintain the balance. How to Hit a Great Smash in Badminton - HowTheyPlay - Sports So your challenge is to find a video counter-example and post the link on the comments. Then after you start feeling comfortable with the shuttle and able to place your shot where ever you want , start performing full smashes. Teach young children how to hit a baseball without a bat. Don’t try to hit the shuttlecock hard! They don’t analyze, they ABSORB the visual information and copy. This is one of the most basic things that have to be perfect to be able to hit a backhand smash. If you are a good baller or know how to throw a ball with a pretty good pace and angle, then yes, this badminton smash is your technique to win. That way, you can respond to the smash quickly and return a quality shot. Then get a friend to feed you high lifts so you can practice the smash. Use these badminton smash shot drills to improve power. Straighten your elbows and swing the racket with a good fly. This article features a video compilation of current players who tarnish the reputation of the game, including John Terry, Ronaldo, and other players from the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga. I've not seen this done anywhere....if anyone has then please post the link! (For instance, there’s a superb photo of Lee Chong Wei using exactly the grip I am talking about on the current All England Poster). 3). Read a brief history of Badminton. Apart from all the rules and laws, there is a super cool technique to win any badminton game, badminton smash. The coach who really IS good asks WHY the arm is bent (actually, he generally knows already) , corrects the player’s pan handle grip and tells the player to throw, which they now can with the correct grip (grip being part of ‘how to prepare) . But this doesn’t always work, because world is full of twisted minds!  Badminton smash is a technique which needs high energy and enthusiasm, this can drain up your energy easily for the entire play. A good foundation of skills is the best thing you can give your athlete. There are a lot of brands, but not all of them are equal. All the wonders you seek are within yourself. However, even if a player is not going to jump smash, it is important to work towards being able to hit overhead forehands with what is usually called a ‘scissor kick’, where both feet are off the ground, (although sometimes only just.) This is different from some other shots, such as a smash, where the contact point should be slightly in front of you. 2. very good article i can smash very well now. This page offers you the ESSENTIAL TIPS to execute a proper and powerful jump smash. One common tactic which most of the smash player’s use is to disguise the shot. Practice badminton smash, not smashing hard, but smash it up with full power. Second is making sure you hit straight so you get the best power connection between racket face … When you are looking for an offensive shot capable of bringing any rally to an end, you will want to develop your options for playing the smash. It is a pain for your opponent to hit it back, but be on your shoes to answer a shot back at any moment. Hand movement, specifically palmar flexion, plays a greater part in hitting round the head cross court smashes, and in hitting a smash with a very short follow through, but I'm afraid players don't change the direction of the smash with their wrist at the last moment, even if they think they do. You should be hitting "through" the shuttlecock! Stand sideways, so that your non-racket foot and shoulder are facing toward the direction you wish to smash. If you freeze the action at the appropriate point, it becomes obvious. A smash in badminton is a powerful weapon usually played from the forehand side of your body, but there are times when a backhand smash will be played. 6). There are mainly five main shots in a badminton play. I've just double checked the handbook, which has step by step photos of players like Peter Gade playing shots - the overhead shots show right handed players on the left side of the court with their racket following through across their body. Prepare with a side-on position. I also really hope that you will learn something useful, but I gave up training coaches when I could no longer justify teaching people the absolute garbage the B.A of E. (as they were then) were putting in their courses. Hitting the badminton smash: proper stroke. This can be a trick to ward off your opponents focus to another spot, while you smash it to the other. Exercise 1 Be sure that you know how to check first if you are moving fast enough to get behind the shuttle. Usually, if your opponent hits a smash directly at you, instinctively you will try to hit it back in the same position, which will most likely make the shuttle hit the net. When it comes to badminton smashes, there is probably no one more suitable to get pointers from, than the No.1 national badminton player in Singapore, Derek Wong. Here are a few tips to help pull it off successfully. Since I'm pretty bad at the game I started attending this course but it turned out that there too, I was the worst amongst the learners.I couldn't even serve right.Then after some weeks, out of my clear observation of myself, I found out that the problem rested in my lack of power and aim while hitting a smash or even surving.The coach continually scolds me for my utter defeats.How can I solve this? Then as you swing your arm forward, you should rotate your forearm around and straighten your elbow so that your arm straightens out as you "throw" the racket toward the shuttlecock (see fig. It was done in a speed test rather than in a match so I don't think it's as significant. Take a look at the following image to understand the trajectory of a perfect low serve in badminton. Unless and until you are sure that a forehand shot or any other shot doesn’t suffice, never take the risk of a back hand smash. Focus and accuracy is deeply paramount factors. For instance, if your video was taken from a different angle and lasted a bit longer, you'd see that Fu Hai Feng's racquet will follow through much closer to the racquet leg than the non-racquet leg, which is what happens on a straight smash. I’ve been playing badminton since my early teens. Many think that they're doing a jump smash by merely jumping to smash. Now, if you want to learn how to execute the perfect low serve, you can check out this article. Brief instructional video, showing intermediate badminton players how to preform a backhand overhead smash. I will try to cover them in order of importance. The smash is the most aggressive shot in badminton. Smash shots are the best shots in badminton and can definitely help you win the game, if properly done.That’s why on this post, I will discuss how to do it properly so that you can aim to hit it downward to your opponent’s court and makes sure he will not be able hit a return shot. You must be on your toes ready to hit a forehand smash at every single moment. You may find it hard to believe, but the smoother and more fluid the motion, the faster and more consistent the smash will be. If you are positioned correctly, you should be standing so that the shuttlecock would drop down the back of your neck, were you to let it fall. So it is crucial that you should use it wisely whenever it is highly required. Just before impact, you should flick your wrist, generating extra speed as the racket hits the shuttlecock. Click here for a step by step tutorial on how to execute the badminton jump smash.
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