Beyond Aldrich Point (river mile 30), the river begins to widen at the mouth, with fewer landing and camping options as you near Astoria. It’s an underrated route for kayakers and canoers. Columbia River Park provides the opportunity to launch your boat or paddlecraft and explore the river. With gorgeous views of the I-5 and I-205 bridges and Mount Hood, this trail is a west Vancouver stunner. There is no escaping water on the Eagle Creek Trail, one of the most scenic and popular paths in the gorge. Chris Hathaway, of the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership, started coordinating the trail back in 2001 to promote stewardship of the river he has spent his career working to protect. World-renowned designer Ken Onion made Hawaii home many years ago. Let's keep in touch. Ready to hit the road? As you continue downstream, cruise past Sand Island, the partly forested stretch of Rooster Rock State Park, where Lewis and Clark camped for two days in April 1806. For millenia, people have used the Columbia River as a critical hub for transportation and trade. Her work has appeared in The Oregonian, where she was the food and dining writer for more than four years; The Takeout; The San Francisco Chronicle; and others. With Hathaway’s expert advice, we’ve mapped out three paddle expeditions along the Lower Columbia geared toward a range of experience levels. From there, sandy beach launches dot the banks of the Oregon side of this stretch of the river making it easy to add days and distance: For a challenging overnight trip, take out at Mayger ODFW Day Access Beach (river mile 58). It has a little bit of everything, and its size makes it infinitely explorable.”. Make sure to check weather conditions before heading out. Explore Scappoose Bay’s intricate network of sheltered, tranquil waterways — a tidal, freshwater estuary home to migratory birds, fish and wildlife — before heading 4 miles downstream to St. Helens along the Columbia. The water and traffic here, too, can become much more difficult to navigate for beginners, but the John Day Boat Ramp (river mile 18) would make an excellent destination for experienced paddlers. Set out on your voyage from the St. Helens Marina, passing through the more industrial Kalama, Rainier and Longview, where you can explore the confluence of marine industry and urbanization (or avoid it by paddling around the other side of Sandy Island). With 8-mile-wide stretches and protected sloughs, the paddling is as diverse as the scenery, with safe options for paddlers of all skill levels. Paddlers of all experience levels can explore some or all of the 146-mile Lower Columbia River Water Trail, an area spanning from the Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean. Be inspired to protect the Lower Columbia Estuary. Paddlers of all experience levels can explore some or all of the 146-mile Lower Columbia River Water Trail, an area spanning from the Bonneville Dam to the Pacific Ocean. It is 1,240 miles (2,000 km) long. From Portland, take Washington State Route 14 along the river. The Columbia is one of the world’s greatest sources of hydroelectric power and, with its tributaries, represents a third of the potential hydropower of the United States. It is chock-full of waterfalls — keyholes and cascades and cataracts. Indeed, water is the reason the trail attracts visitors from all over. Alert: COVID-19 updates and travel advisories. Launch: Dalton Point Boat Ramp (river mile 133.6) The expansive sandy beaches have both a clothed and clothing-optional, perfect for a cooling dip on a hot day. If it’s not obvious, you should also avoid wearing cotton clothing beneath your required personal floatation device (PFD, in insider lingo). Columbia River Water Trail // Expedition 2014. In its current configuration the Columbia River Renaissance Trail, a five mile long pathway connecting Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver with Wintler Park, is perfect for walking, jogging, biking or rollerblading. Charred trees surround the Eagle Creek Trail, remnants of a 2017 wildfire that devastated the Columbia River Gorge. River Trail follows the route of the historic Pennsylvania Main Line Canal and uses some of the original towpath to create the trail. Try these kayak adventures near the Portland Region and beyond. And launching from St. Helens Marina gives you nearly endless trip possibilities for days and distance. Throughout this reach, the trail passes through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, where craggy 3,000-foot basalt cliffs rise dramatically from the river. Most of the islands in this stretch of the Columbia are camp-able, most with minimal to no facilities. Simply choose your take-out point and camp along the way — winding through wetland and sloughs, sandy beaches, tree-lined islands, fishing net sheds, industrial centers, and more.
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