But Run Yu has helped Jin Mi to escape and hides her in his palace. Jin Mi has grown up to be a beautiful but naive and innocent sprite. Jin Mi pushes him off and runs away. They find him suspicious because he is hiding his true powers from them. At JM and XF’s house in the Human Ream. he knocks her down. Rather, it functions as a protection shield. Mu Ci and Liu Ying became lovers when they grew up. Don’t you love it when you get two leads who not only looks good but can act too. She was devastated by XF’s death to the point she threw up the Unfeeling Pill, which is proof of how deeply she loved him. My thinking is about if JM actually became inmortal after her reincarnation, I read your explanation in one of the first comments, but in the series their son says that his father married his mother and 2 years later he was born, and since that it has been 7 years…. Thank you very much for your comments and recap! When the Empress’ servant invites Jin Mi to a function, Jin Mi knows that it is a trap. Watch all you want. If we have someone, that’s good. Jin Mi is adamant on going to look for Lian Chao. He is blocked by Jin Mi when he swings his sword down. Lian Chao is his brother and he had saved him years earlier. Can I ask where to watch their behind the scenes with eng subtitles? She is strict towards Jin Mi and disallows her to leave the Floral Realm which has been sealed off from the outside world. She threatens Mu Ci that she will use his blood to craft another Immortality Destructing Arrow should he fails to get back the one that he lost. Jin Mi tells Run Yu that she can’t trust him anymore as he has been manipulative and made use of her to harm Xu Feng. Jin Mi is bored as both Xu Feng and Run Yu are attending the Heavenly Empress’ birthday banquet. The Empress is not happy. Xu Feng meets her before her marriage. For some reason, I got the timeline mixed up and thought it’s been 500 years since XF and JM married, forgetting that he spent hundreds of years looking for her reincarnation as a human. The Emperor is hesitant but agrees when the Empress offers to do the dirty job. https://www.viki.com/tv/35817c-ashes-of-love#modal-clips, http://onesecondspring.blogspot.com/p/translations.html, https://www.viki.com/videos/1137055v-ashes-of-love-episode-60, http://onesecondspring.blogspot.com/search/label/Heavy%20Sweetness%20Ash-like%20Frost, https://dorayakiz.wordpress.com/2018/02/17/new-epilogue-for-heavy-sweetness-ash-like-frost/, Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 63 Final Summary, Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 17 Summary. Enemies are also investigating Jin Mi for their own evil plans. The Water Immortal is happy to reunite with his daughter. Liu Ying finds out about King Gu Cheng’s plan and makes her way to the Mortal Realm. JM was looking at XF, the person in her heart. Liu Ying doesn’t know who the owner might be until Mu Ci utters the Empress’s name in his delirium. Liu Ying also chimes in that she will never betray Xu Feng. Run Yu is sad and disappointed that he is unwanted and was abandoned by his mother. When he lifts the veil of the bride, it turns out to be Jin Mi. She is has been coughing up blood and knows her time may be short. He holds Jin Mi’s hand and his gesture is seen by Run Yu, Liu Ying, and Chief Peony. Tu Yao hated Zi Fen as she was Tai Wei’s true love and he had wanted to make her his concubine. At the same time, absorbing water allowed her to build back her soul and eventually, she became strong enough to escape because she didn’t need a host anymore. A few moments later, Jin Mi also passes away. Ashes of Love Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 4. It stars Yang Zi and Deng Lun in the lead roles. Episode 36 Ashes of Love (Heavy Sweetness, Ash-Like Frost): Episode 1 Summary. Watch them on Viki! The Emperor and Water Immortal are stunned that Jin Mi looks like Zi Fen. His wife encourages him to go and look for her at the Floral Realm. While JM lived in XF’s eye, she absorbed the water in his body from the freezing effect and cured him. Starring: Yang Zi, Deng Lun, Luo Yunxi. The Water Immortal is told the whole story behind Zi Fen’s death. The story begins with Barnum as the young son of a tailor, dreaming of a successful life in the circus. You can also try searching Youtube. XF wants to have a toast, but RY doesn’t do that anymore . Luo Lin begged their teacher to save Zi Fen when he stumbled upon her as a kid. Or you can watch at Viki. Being weak, Mu Ci is unable to craft the arrow despite numerous tries. He pretended to be drunk and called for SH to remind himself of how much he should hate her. But Sui He is still unable to earn King Yi’s love despite her sacrifice. But if Run Yu insists, then she too wants a reward for their effort and that is for him to hand in Jin Mi for being the killer. Otherwise, she could jump down from the terrace the way she forced Zi Fen to do so years ago. But when the Rat Immoral brings up Su Li, the Emperor quickly puts an end to the hearing and kills him. The book has been translated: http://onesecondspring.blogspot.com/search/label/Heavy%20Sweetness%20Ash-like%20Frost, The author wrote an extra epilogue later for the drama: https://dorayakiz.wordpress.com/2018/02/17/new-epilogue-for-heavy-sweetness-ash-like-frost/, I absolutely adored this series… I live n the Caribbean from spanish fscebdants, travel a lot and I do not ibow why but Asian culture is my favorite, so much wisdom and history! He strips him of his position as the army leader and gives it to Run Yu when the latter offers insightful suggestions on how to tackle the problems in the restless Bird Tribe. Run Yu threatens to kill the Floral Realm’s chiefs if they refuse to tell him where Jin Mi is. Xu feng saves Jin Mi during the fight with Qiong Qi. DramaSlot.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites Mu Ci’s condition cannot be cured. I just finished watching this on Netflix. Run Yu leaves the Demon Realm and vows never to step into the territory again. Jin Mi is told that she will meet Rou Rou again but also part ways. Now, he is still as unreliable when he fails to attack King Yan Cheng as agreed when Qiong Qi was purposely set free as an excuse. Pu Chi informs Jin Mi about Xu Feng’s exploits in the Demon Realm. Then the Empress aims her power at Pu Chi and Run Yu. When Viv died, he separated him from everyone and took him at the end, because he had helped out the criminals and secured his place in Hell. XF: I used the sword and the fire technique to remove Qiong Qi. As long as Xu Feng is taken out, the Heavenly Realm will be weak. Their trip is reported to Run Yu. The Emperor is impressed with his fairness and delegates the investigation to him. Through King Bian Cheng’s investigations, King Yan Cheng knows that King Gu Cheng is involved in letting out Qiong Qi. His father’s plan is not to seek justice but to ensure both the Kings counter each other to prevent any one from becoming too strong. She summons Pu Chi for company. When he goes back to Dong Ting Lake with the ointment together with Kuang Lu, the Empress and Mu Ci are having a fight with Su Li and Pu Chi respectively. But all she feels is an inexplicable pain in her heart. Ashes of Love. Sorry, I don’t know Spanish so I have to reply to you in English. I have seen many their dramas but this one was very well presented and played by the actors. Jin Mi goes to the River of Unmindfulness where souls gather. With Qiong Qi in the Heavenly Emperor’s hands, the Demon Realm has lost a bargaining chip. The ending shows us the entire family, which is XF, JM and their son. To make Zi Fen give up on the Water Immortal, Tai Wei arranged for the Water and Wind immortals to wed. However, Jin Mi is non-committal when Run Yu brings up their relationship with her. Jin Mi is not particularly happy about marrying Run Yu. She finds out that Mu Ci is taking orders from the Empress who wants Jin Mi dead and had indirectly caused Rou Rou’s life.
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