Tip #2: Keep Your Hands Warm and in the Game. Though winter fly fishing might not be for everyone, it’s perfect for an adventurous angler willing to wear a few extra layers. Caddis fly hatches take place in the late winter and early spring, but the water clarity and depth are both less than ideal for fishing during that January to April stretch of the year. Some or our favorite winter fly fishing patterns for January on the Upper Colorado River: Black Beauty (Pupa) Size 18-22, Brassie (Larva / Pupa) 18-24, Renegrade  Midge Size 18-22, Prince Nymph Size 12-18. You’ll find Rainbows, Browns, and Brook trout in these scenic and rewarding waters. This famous river is also one of the most crowded in the state, except for during the winter months. What could be better than skiing and catching trout in the same day? We’re here to help you book your trip. The “Pan” below Rudi reservoir is 13 miles of unbridled Fly fishing heaven. 106 Main Street, Minturn, CO 81645 For the fish you do catch, I would highly recommend carrying a Catch’m release tool in the winter. Colorado Trout Fisher: Denver & Boulder Fly Fishing Guides. Winter fly-fishing is an opportunity to get away from the crowds and enjoy a true wilderness experience in a completely different environment. Current fly fishing reports and conditions for Boulder Creek in Colorado! Minturn Anglers is an equal opportunity employer operating under the Colorado River Outfitter License number 472, State of Colorado Outfitter 2597, and numerous special use permits with the BLM, White River National Forest, and the Colorado DOW. Fishing Spots Near Boulder CO. Eldorado Canyon. Lower Boulder Creek Flies. Learn more about the Fly Fishing the Blue River Below Green Mountain Reservoir >>, The Colorado will stay ice free in sections through the winter months. #1B Avon, CO 81620. Fly Fishing Outfitters Authorized Orvis Dealer. From this point on the water temperature will continue to rise. Dress warmly and comfortably and drink warm, as conditions may involve long periods of inactivity. One of the more popular spots for a plethora of fishermen is Cheeseman Canyon with one of the longest public tailwaters in the state and a gold medal fishery. The best time to fish the lake is early and late in the season. I’ve been wanting to get I to fly fishing for a few years now after going a few times with my buddy. Learn how to  Catch Carp & Trout  on the South Platte through Denver this winter! Winter fly-fishing … Required fields are marked *. Blue River Fly Fishing Report- Dec 21, 2020-Vail/Beaver Creek/Silverthorne CO; Roaring Fork River Fishing Report- June 28, 2019 – Vail, Beaver Creek CO Colorado's Top Fly Shop! Call Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides at 720 242 9828 to book your winter fly fishing adventure today! When you do hook fish, a barbed fly takes longer to remove and means handling the fish longer than you need to. Frederick, CO. Boyd Lake State Park. Description: This week, we're continuing our series on winter fly fishing for trout. Grand Lake, CO 80447. Before discussing each river, here are a few standard winter fly fishing Rules of Thumb, The Arkansas below Pueblo Reservoir has become an extremely popular winter fishery and for good reason. Request a few more Visitor Guides, or complete the form below to receive your guides by mail. For that reason, I will elaborate more on what I have found over the years to help keep me on the water longer and help you eliminate some gear hassles. For the best winter fly-fishing close to Denver, the South Platte River is the definitive local favorite. The river runs at a low cfs, and the water is crystal clear, and anglers will find themselves casting for deeper pockets where trout reside in cooler temperatures. With it’s proximity to the urban area of Silverthorne. Deep in the canyons of the South Platte River and Elevenmile Canyon, fish tend to congregate in the deep holes during the cold months, and anglers can find themselves casting for excellent stocks of carp and trout. Jay Alipit, bottom, and Antonio Rodrigues fly fish in Boulder Creek in November. On most tailwaters in Colorado, you are making short casts in the winter month. The best thing about fishing in Boulder is the pure variety: There’s something here for every experience level of angler, from small kids to veteran fly casters, and a wide range of species, from picky mountain stream trout to aggressive largemouth bass. In addition, … Since the fish tend to hang out in deep pockets where food is more plentiful, aim to fish slow and deep and use lines that sink, all while being on the lookout for rises. View on Google Maps, Monday to Thursday: 9:00AM - 5:00PMFriday and Saturday: 9:00AM - 6:00PM The frying pan valley is as spectacular as are the Trout that inhabit it’s water. Loveland, CO. Redstone Park. The headwaters of North Boulder Creek and Middle Boulder Creek are found high in the Indian Peaks wilderness, and confluence a few miles downstream from the city of Nederland, to become Boulder Creek. ‘Tis the season for winter fly-fishing. One of Colorado’s gold medal stillwater fisheries, North Delaney is known for producing huge rainbow, brown, and cutthroat/rainbow hybrid trout. Read The Story Spring on Boulder Creek In mid March when the water temperature reaches 40 degrees the trout will move out of their winter holding lies, spread out in the creek and begin feeding more actively. Advantages include off-season pricing and much less crowds. Fishing The Fraser River. Simply slide the curved end of the tool down the leader and pop the fly out without getting your hands wet. Heart-raising battles with tough, strong fish that are as challenging to land as they are to hook. is an equal opportunity employer. Your email address will not be published. Fish slime freezes quickly and will leave your hands extremely cold in no time which brings me to my next point, Tip #4 Handle Less Fish User account menu • Winter fly fishing. Find out more about winter trout fishing on the South Platte through Denver >>, It would be hard to name a river that has produced more photos of people holding legitimate 10 pound fish than the Taylor. I can honestly say I have caught more fish over 16″ than under 16″ on the South Platte through Denver. By high sticking and fishing a fixed amount of line it is not necessary in most cases to strip line in through the drift. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is an equal opportunity service provider and permittee of Roosevelt National Forest (Boulder and Clear Creek Ranger Districts) and White River National Forest (Blanca Ranger District). Orvis offers endorsed fly-fishing guides, lodges, and outfitters for memorable fishing throughout Colorado’s stunning landscapes, and comfortable accommodations at the end of the day. Permitted BLM Upper Colorado River Basin. usually means either bending the hook or breaking the fly off. Since the fish tend to hang out in deep pockets where food is more plentiful, aim to fish slow and deep and use lines that sink, all while being on the lookout for rises. Once the temperature reaches the mid 40’s and the flows are still low (25-35 cfs) the “spring window” officially opens… Successful Colorado winter fly fishing can be measured in more ways than how many fish you catch. So i got to do some awesome fishing on the Eagle river near Vail Colorado. Happy New Years everyone! Winter on the Pan is a great option in the entire section from Reudi Reservoir all the Way to the Confluence with the Roaring Fork. Explore wilderness fishing excursions, half- and full-day wading trips, and fly-fishing schools—all led by knowledgeable anglers who live and breathe their craft. Just getting out on the water when there is snow on the ground and no else is fishing has to leave anyone with a sense of accomplishment. For fishermen who want to head farther out, Estes Park’s majestic scenery in winter is an anglers dream, and just under the dam, the waters are flowing and the fish are magnificent. This is when trout become most active during the day. For best results, look for sunny areas, or fish on calm, sunny, snowless days, where the fish are more likely to surface. Temps in Pueblo also tend to be a bit warmer which keeps this tailwater that much more enticing. If flows are below 50 and the temps have been dipping well below freezing, expect a long bike ride or hike before you find open water. Look for the fish you want to catch, and ignore the little guys. Trout … Girlfriend bought me a fly rod and reel for … Press J to jump to the feed. See detailed information, fly recommendation  & tactics for Arkansas River Winter fly fishing through Pueblo >>, The Big Thompson through Estes Park will stay Ice free below olympus Dam short of extremely cold temps and flows below 30 CFS. Best fishing occurs when water temperatures are around 40 degrees Fahrenheit From the swift spring waters of the Clear Creek to the meandering bends of the South Platte, it's critical to consider fishing … Colorado Fly Fishing Trip Planning. More on Blue River winter fly fishing through Silverthorne >>, 25 Miles North of Silverthorne on Highway 9 is the Canyon section of the Blue River tailwater below Green Mountain Reservoir. The South Platte River- Badger Basin / Tomahawk SWA, Scott Fly Rod Introduces The New Centric Fly Rod, Education, Instructions, Training, Fly Fishing Schools. All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under BLM Special Use Permit and under Special Use Permit with the White River National Forest. Boulder Creek then flows down Boulder Canyon … Cheeseman is especially known for it’s medium to large sized brown trout and several species of carp. Golden, CO. St. Vrain State Park . These are the the top flies we sell for this river. Peak fishing conditions are during the June to October days of summer and fall due to the abundance of stoneflies that are hatching all along the San Miguel. Fishing The Colorado River . Log In Sign Up. | Sitemap HTML, XML | Privacy Policy | Reservation Policy. The advantage of the Blue River is that the water is constantly moving, and the fish are more likely to be where meals are easier. This organization is not BBB accredited. Website. I believe much of my success depends on the flies I use. Winter fishing in Boulder and beyond Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Cliff Grassmick / Colorado Daily. The real sleeper through town is the trout fishing. All or part of operation is conducted on public lands under special permit of the US Bureau of Land Management. The walk in can be a little slippery, but well worth it once you reach the river. The reality is that many rivers don’t tend to freeze in winter, and the fish are still biting. I hope you all have ‘fish more’ on your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Eldorado Springs, CO. Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Serving the fly fishing community since 1989 Situated in the beautiful city of Boulder, Rocky Mountain Anglers is dedicated to supplying fly fishermen with high quality products essential to success on the river! Catch Carp & Trout  on the South Platte through Denver this winter! Little fish love to tangle rigs, and handling a bunch of small fish will get your hands colder much sooner. just now. More on Colorado River Winter Fly Fishing >>, Consistently awesome 365, what more can I say. Although not everyone enjoys winter fishing, there are still opportunities to enjoy it in Colorado and the fish are still hungry. The Big Thompson River is an excellent option for those looking for more winter solitude and an experience closer to the park. The carp fishing can be pretty awesome in the winter, but chances are you might find yourself nymphing for them on days where the fish simply aren’t out on the flats tailing. Colorado offers ample opportunities for the wade fisherman, bring your waders, or you can opt to fish from a boat. You're all set! Get the latest up to date fly fishing report for Browns, Rainbows, Brooks, odd Cutthroat fishing in Boulder Creek with the top producing flies and recommended equipment to get you into fish. Some or our favorite winter fly fishing patterns for January on the Upper Upper Blue River: Mysis Shrimp Sizes 12-16, Scuds Sizes 12-16, Griffith’s Midge (Adult Cluster), Sizes 18-24, Brassie, (Larva / Pupa) Sizes 18-24. 800-595-8090 Besides, Colorado’s weather can be wacky! It’s a great option for fishermen who want to enjoy the crowds who are headed for the South Platte, and lets anglers enjoy large sections of the river in relative solitude, while casting for large winter trout. But for those who are looking to cast year round, Colorado’s rivers still flow throughout the cold seasons, and hold hidden gems that are enticing to even the most experienced of anglers. Check out some of our favorite winter fly-fishing destinations. Tip #3: Smash Your barbs before you get to the river. Lone Tree, CO 80124 Winter fly-fishing is a whole different game from the summer. I’ve always believed there is not such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. Close • Posted by. Winter fly fishing is one of the true joys of the sport that not everyone knows about. Over the last few years, it has been spotty at best unfortunately. I've found it fascinating to see how each guest approaches this differently and hope you pick up some tips as well. Fishing Tackle in Boulder, CO. See BBB rating, reviews, complaints, & more. While there aren’t a ton of trout, the ones you do find are all quality. The key to winter fishing is staying comfortable. Arkansas River Winter fly fishing through Pueblo >>, Blue River winter fly fishing through Silverthorne >>, Fly Fishing the Blue River Below Green Mountain Reservoir >>, More on Colorado River Winter Fly Fishing >>, Winter Fly Fishing on the North Platte River >>, winter trout fishing on the South Platte through Denver >>, More on Taylor River Winter Fly Fishing >>, Yampa River Winter Fly Fishing Below Stagecoach Reservoir >>, Small flies, less weight, longer leaders & lighter tippet, Streamers are always an option if you’re the first through a run. Colorado Springs Central Colorado. Fly-Fishing in Grand County, Colorado (release & video) Best fishing location for kids. These are big powerful fish that like to eat and winter is notoriously good for streamer bites when there aren’t a lot of other bugs moving around. There are several ways that this is preferable to fishing with one fly. Boulder Fishing Lakes and Rivers : *: *: *: * : *: *:: * Thickbox test:::: Add Your Listing! Boulder Creek is one of these watersheds that deserves attention and offers fantastic fishing opportunities for anglers of all abilities. There are a lot of fish in this section, and they tend to really pile up in the deep holes through the winter months. More on Taylor River Winter Fly Fishing >>, The Yampa River below Stagecoach Reservoir is a great winter option for those willing to do a bit of walking to access the tailwater section. There are lots of quality fish 18″ and up and plenty of stockers to keep the rod bent. Fly Fishing in Winter Park. Official Rocky Mountain National Park Concessionaire for Technical Climbing, Mountaineering, Ski Mountaineering and avalanche education. I interview Antonio Rodrigues [42:50] manager of Front Range Anglers in Boulder, Colorado, and he has a different take on winter fly fishing, and some different methods. Set in the red rock canyons near Kremmling, the Upper Colorado, anglers will cast for medium to large sized brown and rainbow trout, with a number of easy access points from the road. The lower Colorado River flowing west from Glenwood Springs to the Town of Rifle stays ice-free during winter months, and is one of my favorite winter fly fishing destination. 1 THE IMITATIVE APPROACH. One of the pride and joys of Colorado fly-fishing, the Upper Colorado River is one of the few absolutely consistent rivers in the state, with a gorgeous setting and world-class fly-fishing throughout the year. These flies are all recommended by local river guides and have been tested time and time again to entice even the most lethargic of winter trout. We offer guided fly fishing trips for trout in Boulder and along the entire Front Range. In more than half of these pictures, there is a lot of snow on the ground. In this article, we will cover 3 Winter fly fishing setups that will help you land more fish during those cold month sessions. Detailed information & tips on Winter Fly Fishing in 11 Mile Canyon  on the Dream Stream>>, Historically, Waterton Canyon below Strontias Springs Reservoir has always been a great winter fishery. Dress warmly and comfortably and drink warm, as conditions may involve long periods of inactivity. Firestone, CO. Frederick Recreation Area. Find out where the action is, what the water conditions are and everything you need for a successful day on the water! Results: 5. of 5 . Be selective about the fish you fish for. Winter Fly Fishing & Strategies. For best results, look for sunny areas, or fish on calm, sunny, snowless days, where the fish are more likely to surface. Plus, we specialize in fly fishing trips into Rocky Mountain National Park, where anglers can catch the beautiful greenback cutthroat trout. The payoff? The Upper Colorado is one of Colorado’s dream winter destinations. Group and Corporate Fly Fishing Trips; Winter Fly-fishing Trips in Vail/Beaver Creek Colorado; Wedding Fly Fishing Trips in Vail,Colorado; Fishing Reports. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 1026 County Road 64. The fish in the winter are more prone to be conserving energy, where they’ll be looking for fast moving streams where they don’t have to work as hard to find food, so expect to be casting in deep pockets and between reeds. $125 Urban Half Day Guided Trip Special Through February! Chances are in the winter you will have a pretty good idea of what you should be fishing with since midges are about the only thing hatching. Brighton, CO. Cherry Creek State Park. Best Colorado Winter Fly Fishing Destinations. I hope you all have ‘fish more’ on your list of New Year’s Resolutions. Tip #5: Best Ways to Keep Ice out of the Guides Here are seven tips to get you started, as well as my favorite fly patterns: 1. If so, we at Minturn Anglers are here to make sure you don’t break that resolution and it starts with this Colorado Winter Fly Fishing Guide to help you have more success through the Winter! Since they are dam released, you will always find some open water below the dams where you can fish 365 days a year. Getting the guides iced up has to be one of the most frustrating parts of winter fishing. By not stripping line in you are keeping water droplets off the guides. Littleton, CO. Barr Lake State Park. From the Upper Colorado, to Dillon Reservoir and the South Platte River, Colorado’s fly-fishing stays open throughout the snowy months, and we’re ready to take you there. If you’re planning to hit the Blue in any section, I would highly recommend going during the week and not on the weekends where you are sure to sit in 1-70 ski traffic. A prized creek for fly fishing, Boulder Creek can be fished directly in Boulder, but your chances of success dramatically increase once you get into Boulder Canyon and beyond. PREMIER FLY FISHING SHOP | BOULDER, CO. Front Range Anglers fly shop is located on historic Pearl Street at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. Find out everything you need to about Yampa River Winter Fly Fishing Below Stagecoach Reservoir >>, Your email address will not be published. If so, we at Minturn Anglers are here to make sure you don’t break that resolution and it starts with this Colorado Winter Fly Fishing Guide to help you have more success through the Winter! More on winter fly fishing in Waterton Canyon >>, This is one of my favorite winter fisheries. I love the feeling of walking to a prime winter spot after a snow storm and seeing that I am the only set of tracks going to that spot. Click a phone number to be connected directly to one of our locations and an assistant will be happy to help! 1 or 2 Persons : $275.00 Total: 3 Persons: $325.00 Total: We offer Denver and Boulder, Colorado's most affordable, all-inclusive, convenient and professional fly fishing guide trips. Trout fishing in Winter Park. I interview Antonio Rodrigues, manager of Front Range Anglers in Boulder, Colorado, and he has a different take on winter fly fishing, and some different methods. Colorado Outfitter Rafting License #: 534 Colorado Outfitter License #: 2717, © 2021 Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides™, Colorado Backpacking and Multi-Day Hiking, 2019: Voted ‘Best Outdoor-related Company to Work For’ by Elevation Outdoors Magazine, Conquer New Heights in the New Year! Copyright © 2017, Minturn Anglers, LLC All rights reserved. Target a specific fish out of a pod rather than fishing blind; Concentrate your fishing to deep, slow pools; Focus on fishing from around 10:00 am to about 3:00 pm. Beyond that, I have found the Stanley’s Ice Off from Loon Outdoors to work exceptionally well in the winter. Expect small to moderate catches ranging from 12-16 inches. Request this Free Visitor GuideRequested! Learn more about Big Thompson Winter fly fishing in Estes Park, CO >>, The Blue in Silverthorne is a Winter favorite and an opportunity at truly sizable fish on this mysis Shrimp tailwater. For those in Northern, Colorado the Big T is your closest winter fishery. Winter fly-fishing can be challenging and rewarding, especially if you use these best winter flies to catch those finicky trout waiting down below. Winter Nymphing on the South Platte  in Cheesman  Canyon & Deckers >>, 11 Mile Canyon can get a little cold because the sun doesn’t hit the water as much, but the fishing is great. The surest bet for open water is around the Williams Fork Confluence at Parshall between Kremmling and Hot Sulphur Springs. With it’s urban proximity and easy to access waters, the Blue River has crystal clear waters and deep pools where the fish congregate. The high country of Summit County features rivers that are resistant to freezing and some of the largest brown, rainbow, and cutbow trout in the state. Check out the Cath’m Release Tool. With 6x tippet, getting a barbed fly stuck in your gloves, vest, etc. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can enjoy some of the more-traveled spots during winter as well, because there will be few others out fly fishing. So believe it or not I actually forgot to upload this video XD. A 8-1/2 foot 4-wt fly rod with floating line is perfect for fishing dry flies and nymphs on the South Boulder. The best way I have found to keep my guides ice free is to strip out a set amount of line and then don’t strip the line. When I generally find myself calling it quits in the winter is when I can’t feel my hands enough to tie on another fly. Sunday: 10:00AM - 4:00PM, 8353 D Willow St Find a Fishing Outfitter . Keep an eye on the forecast, and you can find a bluebird, dead calm, 50 degree day in January on which to have the river all to yourself.