Game improvement performance with a more traditional look at address. August vorbestellt werden und ist ab dem 28. Time for pleasant surprises, A little truth in advertising before we begin. I knew I was going to hit the T200s well before I ever put them behind a ball. Not impossible for you to play these, but there are better options for you on the market. The T200s from Titleist are such a club. Let me back up a bit. I have played and tested a BUNCH of great irons over the past few years. These types of faces are relatively new to better player irons and the T200 irons have done a good job of blending distance tech into a compact head. If it’s going to challenge the leaders in the single figure handicap market then it is hearts and minds that are going to have to be won over and the little things will count. Long. This improves the ball speed on shots hit low on the face and should also reduce the spin, as we will see later on GC2. The T200 is an excellent iron and there is nothing technically or performance wise to fault. Titleist T200 irons. Welcome to Golfer Geeks. It was a hit and their best selling iron and Titleist think the T200 will do the same, if not better, and I would have to agree. Unlike the AP3, the T200 body is cast and the face is forged and it now features an L shaped face that wraps around the sole of the club. Thinnish topline and sole. Titleist T100 Iron Review. Key technology – A wide body shape, along with the Split Sole design, provides optimal turf interaction for cleaner strikes. Having all this weight on each side of the head stabilises it through impact and should result in better results from off centre hits. Reduced offset gives it an appealing appearance at address. If it’s going to challenge the leaders in the single figure handicap market then it is hearts and minds that are going to have to be won over and the little things will count. Courtesy. Titleist T200 Review. New models promise longer distance, more greenside spin and softer feel. 3D Printing adds a whole new dimension for Cobra, Ping return with the smallest G irons we've ever seen. I found my ball launched quickly and stayed in the air longly. By GOLF Editors. I should probably mention that part of the reimagination process was to improve the sound and feel (compared to U•510), particularly on the off-center strikes that are … Very playable. These are a mid handicappers dream.One caveat: those at the higher end of the mid handicap range, say 13 or 14 on up, may want to look down at a larger club head. Titleist took a big, deep, wide-bodied iron and tweaked it to suit a different type of golfer. It therefore will be possible to blend them with the other sets and the 4 and 5 iron could be a nice addition to a T100 set. Part of the T-Series of irons, the T200 will join the T100 irons and the T300 irons as a trio of options to be introduced later in 2019 once a validation process is completed by Titleist’s PGA Tour stars. I personally use Global Golf a lot these days and I even bought my own set from there. Please bookmark and return often. Can marginal gains provide the ultimate game improvement package? Confidence inspiring, Balanced and solid feel at impact. I was not surprised to hear that the AP3 has done so well last year and I will not be surprised if T200 surpasses it in the future. All rights Reserved I Disclaimer, the best mid handicap irons I've tested in 2020, Best performing mid handicap irons of 2020. I was only marginally punished with a loss of distance for my standard miss towards the toe. 13 time PGA Tour winner's putter now available! I play Taylormade P790s and these are every bit as long...which is long. A week later, the T200 irons and T300 irons joined the T100 as the full T-Series was revealed. The Titleist T200 iron was previously the AP3 and is now numerically in the middle of the Titleist iron family where it belongs. In this comparison, we will be pitting the Titleist T200 Irons against the Taylormade 2019 P790 Irons. The short irons are plain cavity backs, but in the 7-iron upwards, the technology comes in. For a new set of irons, anything under $1,000 is pretty rare these days. DO give them a try if you are in the market. The T100 replaces the AP2; the T200 comes in for the AP3 and the T300 replaces the AP1. What Titleist say about the T100 irons… “Forged to suit the player’s eye. The T200s have strong lofts like all game improvement irons produced these days.(1). As the T100 irons got slimmer, then so have the T200s with a thinner top line and less offset. No. Titleist T200 irons review and photos: ClubTest 2020. I never wanted to give them a sniff. That’s over a third of the overall clubhead weight strategically positioned on the heel and toe for outstanding MOI. Drop on a dime. The Verdict: Titleist’s 718 AP3 was its first foray into the players-distance category. Does bigger = better in the new SIM2 range? Serious distance. And subsequently the Titleist T400 irons joined to complete the series. Knock-offs are a thing in this day and age. The TitleistT200 irons are the successor to the AP3. The set wedge and additional Gap wedge now have the lofts stamped on them, which I think is a great idea and one that I hope will catch on throughout the set with all manufacturers. Where can you buy the Titleist T200 irons? Not only that, I've got  a discount code good for these irons and most products on their site...see below. Then, put it on the floor in an address position. Moving through the series, the T200 and T300 are larger irons with even more of an emphasis on the use of tungsten weighting. I grabbed one of them. These irons are long. A quick overview before we dig in: These are the best mid handicap irons I've tested in 2020. However, we still know how many hours you have to work to be able to pay for a $900 iron set like the Titleist T300 irons.As a result, we can’t recommend this set unless your budget simply isn’t an issue at all. 1 to 1 1/2 clubs longer than any club over 4 years old. They both fall into the ‘player-distance’ category, meaning they have a descent amount of game improvement technology, but in … Maulers. I pull every club I would normally pull if I were playing my set. Forged L-Face for Incredible Feel The T200 forged face wraps around the sole to increase ball speed on the lower portion of the clubface. This is an admirable follow-up. Titleist has added an average of 90 grams of dual density tungsten into the heel and toe of the heads. When in doubt...test them for yourself. Titleist T200 and T300 Irons Review. Ob die klare Tour-Form und das einmalige Schlaggefühl des T100, die Länge des T200 oder die Geschwindigkeit und Fehlerverzeihung des T300 – die T-Serie steckt voll Power und Leistung. These irons are Titleist's most forgiving and most easily-launching model and straight out of the wrapper they have caught Andy's eye. With the pedigree of the Titleist name behind them, the T200 is another step in the right direction for the brand in this sector. The heads sit so nice behind the ball. All the innovations went through by the TSeries are made with one goal in their mind, which is to help the beginners to improve their game and overall performance. The net effect is irons that look and feel great without the "clunkiness" of some game improvement irons. There is less of the circular muscle around the centre section, which has a cleaner look that should have greater appeal. Some irons inspire confidence. Decent angle 45* and 8900 rpm spin. Frame the ball perfectly. Here's what I didn't know: How well they would perform. I also try to set myself up so I'll need to use every iron in the set. Current Callaway Apex cf16- 193 carry and rolled to 196. Decent angle 41* and averaged 6600 rpm spin. Therefore the need for doing this is minimal, unless you want to add a 4-iron to one of the other sets. I'll only use retailers I trust. The T200 is an excellent iron and there is nothing technically or performance wise to fault. Leave a Comment / Product Reviews / By richard. Not to mention, they look great behind the ball. Thanks for checking out my Titleist T200 irons review! In the centre of the cavity is a polymer that has been developed in conjunction with the Titleist ball department in order to improve the feel. The T200 iron features an average of 90g of tungsten in the mid to long irons. Strong lofts create plenty of distance. Carry for days. You can demo the set for 2 weeks for $50 (see site for details), Global Golf is ALWAYS running deals and other coupons. The T200 irons are good value for money even if they are not particularly cheap, but then neither are the main competitors, so they are going to have to rely on shelf appeal. The fitter finally gave up and told me he couldn’t match my current numbers as the decent angle and spin hit the optimal range on some chart he was carrying. Si. They are going to be one to one and a half clubs LONGER than your current set of irons if they are more than 3 to 5 years old. You can Not buy them at or at Amazon. TITLEIST T200 IRONS reviewed and tested by golf professional Mark Crossfield. The Three Different T-Series Irons. This is nearly 50% more than the 66g average found in AP3 and shows how much weight has been saved in the rest of the head to accommodate the extra tungsten. The Titleist T-Series irons, which were released in 2019, are some of the most impressive yet. Long...very Long. The Titleist T200’s are the official upgrade to the Titleist AP3 irons. Have I been missing out. Key Technology. This is where the T200 should have an edge as they are a bit more classy looking than AP3. The combination of the face and the head style improves the acoustics and this is particularly noticeable in the longer irons, which sound a lot more solid than the AP3. With a lower center of gravity, both T200 and T300 provide an increased launch angle, giving Titleist design engineers the ability to decrease lofts through the set. We're a golf news, analysis, and opinion platform covering pretty much all aspects of (you guessed it) golf. Both of these irons fall into the “player distance” category. It’s still a decent mid-sized head, but this change probably extends the T200 reach down the handicap level a little bit to lower single figure players too. Now Titleist has readdressed the situation with the T Series. Yes...If you like looking down at slightly larger club heads. As a result, there are a number of similarities between these irons. They feel great thanks to the True Temper AMT Black S300 shafts. Titleist T400 Iron Review. Since the release of the Finalist Forged series in 1970, Titleist has consistently been one of golf's top manufacturers of irons. (I've never purchased a golf club from Amazon). To find the Titleist T200 Golf Irons Steel review, our dedicated team of experts have just undertaken an extensive research of all of this year’s latest products in a whopper kit research project. Extended Apex range now has an iron for every golfer! In this respect the numbers from T200 were a lot closer together than AP3, so I think the revised chassis design is working here. At least, judging by these. The T200s are something. Copyright © Golfer Geeks 2020. Waggled it. These are the second irons I've tested that gave me that "Wow" factor with the first strike. The forged face improves the feel, but some all-forged cavity irons might feel better to some and this is more noticeable in the shorter irons as the head style changes at 8-iron. They get up fast, go for days and have plenty forgiveness. However the T300 could be regarded as a blended set in its own right with the different tungsten set ups. Welcome to my Titleist T200 irons review. Yes. However in this category irons are not really about distance, but more about accuracy and consistency. Compared to AP3, the T200 looks more like a traditional cavity back iron, as the weight favours the toe area. Increased technology meant better clubs over the years. Elegant and sleek. March 4, 2020. We value your readership. When you get down to the short irons, the 9-iron is the same loft as the T200 version and it goes about the same distance, so there could be a blending possibility here. The T200s are only the second set of irons to give me a "Wow" factor from the first strike. The T100 features a forged cavity construction and a thinner, more responsive face. This is bad. Titleist T200/T300- basically identical #s carrying 194 and rolling to 201. Das limitierte All Black T200 kann ab dem 14. In testing on GC2 I was getting similar numbers for ball speed and launch, but the T200 was spinning about 600 rpm lower so that gained me another yard. Don't get me wrong, I've tested a lot of irons I really like...but man. Up fast. In this review I detail the key technologies incorporated in the Titleist T100, T200 and T300 irons, dive into some launch monitor data, and submit a few observations that will hopefully clarify the similarities and differences between the T-Series and 718 AP series irons. Titleist’s limited T100S and T200 black irons (4-PW, 48-degree; right-handed only) retail for $1,600 and will be available Aug. 28. Can Titleist's new ball live up to some very bold claims? So now that the range is sequenced correctly, what we really need to find out is how the new models compare with … Titleist T200 Irons Review Titleist T200 irons look set to become the leading manufacturer’s premium range after being officially launched. The Average Golfer: Titleist T400 Irons Review This week Andy (aka The Average Golfer) has been taking a look at the new game-improvement irons for 2020 from Titleist - the Titleist T400 irons. Oui. A new set of T200s will be the same base price anywhere, but retailers are always running sales or have coupons this time of year. BAHNBRECHEnDE INNOVATION. Welcome to my Titleist T200 irons review. The Titleist T200 irons are a great looking set of players irons with thin toplines and little offset The distance control and feel at impact are incredible due to the forged face It’s not the most forgiving set, which is to be expected from a players iron Priced at $1,000, we’d recommend the predecessor AP2 set unless money is not a concern You can buy them online or in person at most major golf retailers. I've never tested or even hit Titleist least that I can remember. Let along from Titleist, the most prestigious company in golf. This is strategically done with lay ups on par 5s and off the tee. Add any kind of wind and we are talking nightmare and frustration. The TitleistT300 irons are the most forgiving in the 2019 line up. The AP3 was the iron that Titleist had been waiting for as their AP2s headed to the tour and the AP1s got longer, so they needed something in the middle for single figure players. They have CG and launch so optimized that weaker or standard lofts from just a few years ago would send your shots ballooning up in the air and falling out of the sky. Hey Golfer Geeks. The shorter irons may sound a little more muted than the equivalent in the T100 or 620 Forged CB, as you might expect, but they are still pretty good for a cavity back iron. (the first being Taylormade M5 irons). The set goes from 4 to PW and the lofts are the same as T100 down to the PW, where the T200 is 1° stronger. August im Handel erhältlich. Titleist T200 iron is a great example that shows how precise and accurate the TSeries make their irons. I'll go through 2 or 3 buckets and test them against my irons for distance, trajectory, shaping(that'll be a tight draw for me), and forgiveness. Have to give some credit to the True Temper AMT Black S300 shafts. Two new TS models giving new meaning to 'Titleist Speed Project'. You will love their performance. Irons: Titleist 4 - 6 T200,Titleist 7 - PW T100S, Nippon NS Pro 880 AMC Chrome Stiff Wedges: Titleist Vokey SM 7 - 50*, 56*, 60* Standard Wedge Shafts Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 1.5 Ball: Titleist Pro V1 X Each model of iron included in the TSeries is equipped with the finest specifications and technology.
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