Leonard “Lennie” Baker, longtime saxophonist for the doo-wop rock group Sha Na Na and the singer on the band’s hit cover of “Blue Moon,” died Wednesday in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Other members stepped in and moved on as Sha Na Na became an act for all ages with a syndicated television variety series and an appearance in the movie Grease (and one of the best-selling soundtrack albums of all time). "Blast from the Past" slideshow (not available on iPads) Pics and Video from their 2013 Hollywood Bowl "Grease Sing-Along" Want any of these pics? Sha Na Na, minus some members and plus others, like Bowser, became household names int he 1970s and ’80s because of their popular syndicated television show. Sha Na Na also starred in their own syndicated variety show in the Seventies, the New York Times reports. Alan Cooper (1968–1970 +1971): original bass singer; brief return in 1971 due to Bowzer's illness; Billy Schwartz (1971): guitarist on Canadian tour in 1971 due to Chris Donald's inability to enter Canada; Bruce "Zoroaster" Clarke, a.k.a. The group has performed a song and dance repertoire of classic 50s pop and rock for several decades, both acting as retro revivalists as well as quirky parodists of old-time NYC street culture. Edited version of the group Sha Na Na's weekly TV show with special guest Little Anthony. If you’re interested in talking to other celebrities’ representatives, along with members of the management team, The Handbook contains over 175,000 verified celebrity contacts for planning events, interviews and promotions. While he was working on his undergraduate degree at Columbia University, Leonard and his brother George became members of the school's a cappella group. With Sha-Na-Na, Suze Lanier-Bramlett, Milton Berle, Frank Gorshin. However, after 15 years with Sha Na Na, Greene left the group in … Members. He was 69. Sha Na Na threatened a lawsuit, but allegedly didn’t follow through because they didn’t want to give Solly any more undue attention. Sha Na Na Agent and Management Contact Details. "Mighty Joe" (1987–1989): guitarist; replaced guitarist Glenn "Bruno" (1969–1973): original bass guitarist; Bryan Cumming, a.k.a. A comedy variety show featuring the retro rock and roll group. Just right-click on the photo and select "save photo as" or "save image as" (depending on your browser) and put it wherever you want. Sha Na Na is an American rock and roll ensemble, its members often outfitted in gold lamé, leather jackets, and pompadour hairdos. Of the original Sha Na Na members who played Woodstock, only three continue to perform. 1978 Apparently, according to a piece about Solly on the website Oddee.com, after being incarcerated in 2001, Solly was released for good behavior in 2003 and died in 2007. And with that, came the imitators. In 1969, the doo-wop band Sha Na Na was born when George suggested changing the style of the group to a faux Brooklyn thug style, with slicked back hair, and white shirts. Biography. Sha Na Na became mainstream.
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