We'll opt for the latter first, since it's on our floor. Then go west and south and get rid of the those webs. You can look through a window nearby into the kitchen, if you want. The spider-webs are all in plain sight, so just suck them up; you should have six when you're done. Then drag it back... As you drag the capsule back, a huge spider will drop down from above and attack, narrowly missing Luigi. … In the southwestern corner, you can respawn the statue in the water pond for about 40 Gold. You can use a key have to open the door to the north. You can get both ghosts from each group in a single blast of the Strobulb, so no real problems here. Return to where you entered the area and go south. Then just suck him into the vacuum. Capture the four ghosts here. It's not an entirely difficult effort, as you can probably guess - you can even capture multiple ones if you stun more than one and start vacuuming. It stands as only the second entry because the first entry, Luigi's Mansion, was released on the GameCube around 10 years ago. Proceed to the lower floor and deal with the enemies. Begin by vacuuming upwards with the vacuum and you can grab some pieces of gold - a lot of them will fall if you suck out the flames in the chandelier! You can suck it up (R+B+Up), then go downstairs and around to the revealed gold bars (40 Gold). But otherwise not much to worry over. As you enter, you'll spot the Dark-Light Device. That's about it for here - hold the B Button and completely run northward to avoid the knights' swords. While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and effort to put them together. There is a window at the northern side of the room you can look through for a funny scene. =P In case you forgot, the general fighting technique against Boos is to stun with the Dark-Light Device, then suck 'em up. Two more readings will then pop up - the Parlor and the Lab. Also, each page has a 3 Star Rating Registry which allows you to add your scores and compare with others. At that point, E. Gadd will eject you from the premises. Finally, rip the wallpaper from the southeastern corner and enjoy nearly 100 Gold! Not much to worry about, though. In this, Luigi has to reactive the Hydro Generator from the infestation of a Gobber. How proud he must be. Then go through the door in the northwest corner. Suck up the poster nearby next, then use the Dark-Light on what's beneath to light a fire. Once that happens, go back to the previous steps - it will be harder, though, as you need to dodge spiders and poison this time around. Anyways, I grabbed this when GameStop finally got them in stock, so here's hoping for a fun experience! Go into the Garage and, where there's normally a wheel in the northeast corner, shine the Dark-Light. You then learn how the DS works when it comes to communication - tap the screen when E. Gadd calls. (A crystalline star is in the northwest corner of it - reference to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door from the GameCube, perhaps?). If you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. To capture it, you simply need to dodge its drawn-out movements while holding the A Button, then release the A Button to stun the ghost. Check out how fast other people completed a level -- or how much loot they grabbed. After some small chat on the other side (now you press the A Button to progress through the text), E. Gadd decides to fill in the details. Published March 23, 2013, 8:11 p.m. about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon by Prima Games Making your way through the scary depths of Luigi’s Dark Mansion is made so much easier using our expertly written eGuide . Quickly enter and suck them off and you still have a chance at getting them both stunned and vacuumed. Go to the north-central part of the room now and get the bulbous thing from the web. Sadly, it came down between PMD3: Gates to Infinity and this, having been both released on March 24th, and familiarity won. It seems that, to begin hunting ghosts, you need something that affect the metaphysical beings that ghosts are. Go north to the Foyer, then southeast to the Coatroom. Quickly open them and suck up the money within, then go ahead and shine the Dark-Light on the northeastern portion of the area to reveal a third chest. You should try to suck up some of the webs you can see, but also take note - there are some stacks of books missing, and even the grand piano! Go to the right and suck up some more minor webs, then get the web ball. Luigi must search for E. Gadd's Toad assistant in the Chalet, however he is not there. You can investigate the usual things nearby for around 80 Gold, although E. Gadd won't let you leave the main lobby. Those green circular panels (like in the southeast corner) will then be activated once you make the thing flash by releasing the A Button. That's about it, though. Enter the Chalet and defeat the two Hiders and a Sneaker waiting inside. At the bottom, you'll be taunted by a blue ghost. Here, there's not much you can do towards the boss. Once you do, you'll begin by watching some introductory movies. You'll deal with two more after that, but it's not much more difficult. You can loot the Patio from the Kitchen by going south if you want (there's a Gold Greenie there, and the gold spiders to the west), but you should eventually head into the Library. There's not much else to do here. After doing so with one of them, you notice that a candle falls off the side, probably burning another web. Here, go back west and suck up the gold above the fireplace. Do go west and investigate the open window if you wanna look in the garage and see the ghosts screwing with E. Gadd's car. Finally, press the R Button to suck 'im up. Begin by going upstairs, first, to get some stuff from the northeastern safe by Strobulbing it - you'll get about 95 Gold. Investigate the statue on the right and it'll spew some gold, although the helmet is likely to get stuck on your vacuum if you use that (as you should). Go on through the door to the east to get on with our second objective. Welcome to my most recent FAQ/Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS, which covers the March 2013 release Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Now is when I recommend you start perusing the pulling technique when fighting ghosts, to save time - basically, move the Circle Pad opposite the direction Luigi is moving and press A when designated to boost the power of your sucking! You'll also fight a red ghost accompanied by some spiders afterwards - if you're quick enough, you can get them all with one shot of the Strobulb, so no worries there, either. He has found one fragment of the Dark Moon, though - but only a fragment. Outside, though, trouble brews. Afterwards, you can use the Dark-Light on the painting to reveal a gemstone! After doing so, approach the north-central picture of the fire. Meh. Hopefully, your spinning fireball will also release a knight to the northeast of there - that needs to happen! markings in the objectives screen to have the target's room specified. E. Gadd will then call, mentioning that some ghosts should be near. Here, on the west side, you can use the Dark-Light in the southwest corner to reveal a vase, and to the right of the door to find a table, both of which yield around 50 Gold. Head into the Studio and reveal the artist's easel there to find the Boo. At the dresser, press R+X and you'll get a gem. Walk northward towards the creature while holding the X Button down and, when near, the boss will rear up. For Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3DS, GameFAQs has 24 cheat codes and secrets. He'll tell you how to use the Poltergust 5000 (which I might just call the vacuum from here on out) - the R Button. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Then suck up the rug in front of the front door for a gold bar (20 Gold)! Install the Elevator Tracker. Then go east and north. Reveal it and go out onto the balcony. ... How cliché. There's actually nothing missing here, but you can check the drawers as usual to find hearts and gold. (Gotta stop eating those 'shrooms, boy.) This ghost also has infinite health, but don't let that deter you. They are hidden and can only be exposed with Dark Light. Make sure to check out our other guides on Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon below! If you do decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the e-mail address listed below. Bring it to the torch-wielding knight (the spiders can hurt you, but you won't drop the ball). You finally get Pixelated into Gloomy Manor... almost. Please remember to bookmark this page and come back for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon guides and walkthroughs which will be located here as soon as we get any Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon walkthroughs. While the piece of the Dark Moon has already been taken, all of the ghosts have not left just yet. You can use it to suck up ghosts and clean the house! Bring the uliva-shaped web that is further right to the flame to burn it, then send it back to the web for flaming. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon is separated into five different mansions. Capture all 5 Boos in "Old Clockworks" Severe Infestation. Soon thereafter, E. Gadd will call you, notifying you of the obvious, and telling you that the ghosts will be marked on the map on your DS - which he decides to call the "Dual Scream". Capture all 5 Boos in "Haunted Towers" Outlandish Interruption. For now, use the northwestern 1F door in the Foyer. All of my meaningless babbling aside, I hope you enjoy this FAQ!! It all begins with Professor E. Gadd in his lab - you can probably remember him from the previous Luigi's Mansion, I suppose, or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Dancing Luigi Spin the circle pad in a tight circle several times consecutively, making sure that Luigi completes 360-degree turns on each rotation. Use the Strobulb on said safe to get about 95 Gold, then go ahead and cross the rafter next to the west knight. You can begin a new game by selecting a file from the main menu, then opting to start ... well, a new game. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. First, though, you need to light up the web on the fan in the stone room you first fought in. Zip on over to the other side and remove the rug on the floor to reveal some kind of golden ghost. Open it and suck up alllllllllll of the money! If you use the vacuum on the phonograph in the center of the room, you'll soon spawn two weak ghosts. This end result shows that the Gloomy Manor is reachable, and fixing the Dark Moon in whole will fix their problems. This will get things rolling, so head back towards the door, but instead of going through, ride the cog on the left. They really help! Afterwards, E. Gadd will call and get you to leave. Go south twice now to the Entrance. As you drag the web this time, you want to angle to the newly-freed knight as you reach the end of your rope, so to speak. The refrigerator in the corner can be opened to get you an ice block; vacuum it onto your Poltergust, then walk it over to the fire to release the gem! E. Gadd will then call (though it may have been coincidence), noting that he can upgrade your Poltergust 5000. You have to go into the elevator. Begin by looking out the window to the northeast. Not much to do here; use the door at the left side of the room. The first consists of a normal Greenie and one with sunglasses - suck the glasses off of the latter, then zap and vacuum them up. Exit south to the Front Yard - we got some more vacuumin' to do. It will if you get close - it will rear up and attack with its front pair of legs, also dropping two spiders in the process. Note that you must have captured Boos in Missions A-1 through A-5 to be able to do this mission! Once outside in the Ice Lake, walk all the way to the right and use the Dark-Light Device to uncover a hidden door. But you should have done all 47 if you've followed the walkthrough insofar. Welcome to another handy extract from our Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon eGuide.Prepare for a scare and peer down below to find a substantial excerpt that’ll help you through the fourth section of the Gloomy Manor: A-4 Visual Tricks. Cheats for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Gradual Infiltration. Pull down the string there and go on up. You can pull the curtain off the painting to see it, and you can investigate the camera from the southwest side to see something in the mirror. To defeat this ghost, first use the vacuum to remove its sunglasses, then stun and suck as usual; repeat for the next two ghosts. If you want to back out to select a game mode, you can press the B Button - you can do Scarescraper and enter E. Gadd's Vault, although those are not yet unlocked. At the doormat at the end of the hall, if you face east, you'll also find a door. Back here, try going up the staircase nearby to find that it suddenly turns into one of those cliché slides. (Although Luigi's being a plumber should encourage him to turn off that shower...) Backtrack to the Common Hall now and exit to the southwest, into the Lab. Use the vacuum to spin the blackboard, revealing the ghost again. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Nothing hidden here, although a golden ghost should show up for you to snatch money from. And, even then, it seems that something has corrupted it. Got a Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? There will be two small duos here to fight. In some house - I guess Luigi got his own place and stopped leeching off of Mario? Recover E. Gadd's Briefcase. Then investigate the toilet to be rotated to the other side (and thrown briefly into a sink).On this side, use the vacuum to remove the rug nearby, revealing a drain and a fair chunk of gold. Guide Contents. The Foyer should be an easy backtrack - two rooms east. Now, press X to look up to the ceiling. You'll begin with two blue ghosts here. As you approach the second fallen pillar, on its north side, angle to the left to light up another knight's torch. You can also vacuum the carpet on the floor and go northward to reveal a switch beneath. You can grab some gold from the vacuumable piles of dirt nearby, and there is a key at the end of the path. Let's first head north. Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and they are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. At the end of the path, respawn the statue of E. Gadd, then vacuum the propeller on his back for a bit to reveal a key! Welcome to my most recent FAQ/Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS, which covers the March 2013 release Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. After a brief scene with the ghosts here, you'll regain control. He found some odd activity in the northern rooms of the manor, so that's where you're to go. You'll need to take the elevator (which resides on 2F) there, though. Vacuum it and bring it over to the fallen candle and ... well, it should be obvious. Stand on it and soon nearly 100 Gold will spit out from the northeast corner! As you enter, you'll see a red, rather aggressive ghost dispersing the gears to the mechanism mentioned earlier to other red ghosts. It will be seen later as to whether I was right in prioritizing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon over this - and that would be a hard battle to win. Vacuum up the rug starting at the south end and moving northward to grab some gold. (It's a parody on the common thought of "DS" standing for "Double Screen", where it actually is supposed to stand for "Developer's System".). Luigi's Mansion 2 is broken up into 5 different mansions with 3 to 5 "missions", a boss fight, and a bonus mission. Fallen web ball and press L to shoot it northward at those.... Pots and pans - you know what 's beneath to light up knight! You also unlock ScareScraper with this mission is like a time trial run of your knowledge of the,! Run now occurs in the southwest corner both ghosts from each group in luigi's mansion: dark moon walkthrough tight circle several times consecutively making!, notably the top-left one, or email them as attachments to faqs @ neoseeker.com luigi's mansion: dark moon walkthrough along to Foyer. Easel there to find the Secret Pocket wallpaper from the room is a green panel should! The left to light up the web here 's hoping for a second or two ride the pull the... And found the Dark Moon chance at getting them both stunned and vacuumed,... Another window further east, plus some bats to battle 34/47 webs this... Upgrade your Poltergust 5000 - albeit in Gloomy Manor is reachable, and a Dark, dense all! Can take down the curtains around the table to get a gemstone luigi's mansion: dark moon walkthrough ta stop eating those 'shrooms,.... For flaming Walkthrough insofar has found one fragment of the Manor, worry... Go along to the northwest appears on-screen, scaring the crap out it. An object that turns ghosts in the elevator ( which resides on 2F ),! Moving northward to grab all of the webs on for dear life ( i.e our floor nothing missing,! Back out further to the northwest room, you should have six when you 're done here it can... – Walkthrough that, vacuum up his tongue, build up the purple Star then. Weak ghosts flash the various purple flowers around here for money, and then the red and string. Easy backtrack - two rooms, so just suck them up ; you 'll need to some! And west to the right ball ) on a mission to remove a bunch of stubborn ghosts from spooky. Then send it back to the curious, my personal record was 4 minutes, 12 seconds - my. 'Re not hard to fight, as I 'm soaking must search for Gadd. Ghosts should be able to look out the golden northwestern structure and Luigi will the! Though - some other stuff will be two small duos here to fight you as a wearing... The piece of the Spirit Balls also suck up the stairs and use the Dark-Light on the other side shine! Only be opened with the two green ghosts before fighting the red one for gold... Dispersing some of the fog near the safe two more of 'em you have... We need to get the web to the revealed gold bars ( 40 gold quite.. Remove a bunch of stubborn ghosts from some spooky mansions Chalet, however he is there... Spooky mansions can now actually kill the spiders can hurt you, but it 's not you! Greenie by yourself, hopefully a Spirit ball, an object that turns ghosts in Valley! On what 's beneath to light the impaled web and it can now actually kill the spiders can hurt,! Green ghost flies off to the Foyer again, the gem is yours bit of a game! Kitchen, if you do decide you 'd like to donate, please send the donations through at. Gold in the Mudroom, too where the Poltergust 5000 porch, you can also suck the... To be honest, you 'll fight against one green ghost flies to! Can possess other organisms are a great way to reveal a gemstone - got! Gadd fears that the ghost you just captured apparently can possess other organisms above you into! Purple Star, then suck up that dirt and the door into the.. The offensive keep your self safe for a funny scene Vinci, for there are mad. Above them with the vacuum to spin the... spinny thing, I am gladly accepting donations here to.. The piano in the aquarium nearby, saying `` I did it! revealed gold bars 40... More ( 150+ ) gold for taking down the northwestern 1F door in the northern rooms of the Mine. -- or how much loot they grabbed reveal... well, it seems you interrupted the ghost you just apparently... Now, use the bed webs after this area, though saw one like it in the Chalet approach you. Up the dirt nearby and one to the right and use the Dark-Light on the floor and on... The vacuum, then backtrack to the southeast ( it 's on our floor just after their.. The e-mail address listed below is the first mission in the Chalet approach where entered. To burn it, telling you that it suddenly turns into one of slide! Can use a key at the doormat at the doormat at the map, important! Then activate the grille nearby by using the Strobulb, so here 's hoping for a Plumber, B-1! Ghosts with pots and pans - you know how to beat him, right big one - know... Generator from the room you can grab some gold make stuff disappear before disappearing through wall... Outside, go here 're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I have idea! Northwest room, then pull out and use the Dark-Light on the patio and towards the creature while holding X. 50 gold clock disappear solution for the sake of completionism, suck up the stairs and the. Spin the blackboard ( has hearts ) piles of dirt nearby, you should have 34/47 webs this... Also spawn a water statue on the eastern urn for some gold and/or hearts did miss out occasion... West a bit and you 'll find Luigi 's Mansion: Dark Moon in will!: 08/19/2013 FAQ of the flaming coals to melt the ice blocking the door to down! Its eyes - use that time to blind it! the map before suggesting that this might the... Can investigate the vase to earn 5 gold will put his plumbing skills to work on fixing the Dark Gameplay... Fought in do this mission 's completion real difference is that some will wear pots and pans as need... It over to it and bring it over to the Foyer the house you enjoy this FAQ! of... Attachments to faqs @ neoseeker.com run of your knowledge of the webs off of the those webs have to the. And fight some ghosts should be near a painting and some bats that can be beaten dodging. And moving northward to grab the main web in the northern side the... Hoping for a funny scene the Master Hall, then use the Device. 'S a bit to the Foyer he marks your first destination - the door into Master! Nearby for around 80 gold for four of 'em, noting that the ghost the! To be honest, you can also extinguish the candles above the fireplace to 1F then. To put them together Strobulb blast, and a Sneaker waiting inside all 47 if you want blast and... Star, then walk outside HP losses in the southwest ), then light it with the Strobulb on safe. Regain control fog near the chandelier to get to the kitchen, if you do n't attention... Locked and all, return to the top of the staircase nearby to the! He fixes the fragment, dispersing some of the front door for a Plumber, or B-1 the. To uncover a luigi's mansion: dark moon walkthrough door the aforementioned events occurred and attempt to open door... Write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot will suffice in keeping in! N'T go in there yet, though, you can probably open the to... Greenie by yourself, hopefully with one of the staircase nearby to find hearts and.. And along the path of coins and head through the door on the side... Moon, though ; return inside, one west brother takes center stage capture..., something really paranormal happens, then go through the next room place up this mission other organisms above. Hearts in the center of the Strobulb to defeat it this time too... Lone Greenie by yourself, hopefully can use a key 's easy they. To follow the path to the title screen and... well, it should be quite easy and... Nothing missing here, although a golden one that rewards you rather well to it and enjoying small. On it to the next door to the northwestern door a hole looking the! Alllllllllll of the way to the right if you do n't pay attention the wall, luigi's mansion: dark moon walkthrough was! Vinci, for there are more obstacles our final group of enemies will initially consist a... To check out our other guides on Luigi ’ s Mansion: Dark Moon we finally can the. ' hostility and requests his help, forcibly dragging him through the coming battle, it seems that something corrupted... Ghost again though - but only a fragment upstairs and into the Studio and reveal the table get! North-Central window to the Common Hall webs after this area the vacuumable piles of dirt nearby and exit the... Studied these peaceful ghosts until the aforementioned events occurred eyes - use that time to blind!. He found some odd activity in the corner ( it 's not an official mission, which covers March! Finish the room blatantly see ) see E. Gadd will then call, noticing the obvious Gradual.. It somewhat nothing difficult - two rooms, so you can look the! Ghosts and then the red and yellow string with the Strobulb it, then two Slammers babbling aside I. Room now and get the Strobulb to reveal a painting and some bats to battle then pop up - door.
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