Hikers may also try the Hi-Cannon Trail, which provides views of Lonesome Lake along the way. Trail: Hi-Cannon Trail > Kinsman Ridge Trail > Lonesome Lake Trail Miles: 5.6 Hours: 4:15 hiking; 5:15 total Level: Moderate. We will hike up Lonesome Lake Trail until it reaches Kinsman Ridge Trail. Kinsman Ridge Trail Up Mt Cannon (4100) New Respect for Mount Cannon. This lot has limited hiker parking outside the campground. This is a scenic hike over the Kinsmans, (NH4k) Northeast Cannon Ball (NE100) and Cannon (NH4k) Mountains. Kinsman Ridge Trail This is a 2 mile trail (4 round trip) up Cannon Mountain. This is the fastest route up Cannon and can be accessed from the Cannon Mountain … with the Kinsman Ridge Trail. Cannon Mountain and North Kinsman loop via the Lonesome Lake Trail, Hi-Cannon Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail and Fishin’ Jimmy Trail; 10.4 miles (round trip); Pack the Aleve. We made our way up the rocky slope for about .2 mile when we merged with the Rim Trail. The Hi-Cannon Trail is just one of the many ways to hike Cannon Mountain and the trail climbs steeply between the Lonesome Lake and the Kinsman Ridge Trails. Turn left onto the Kinsman Ridge Trail, which is also the Appalachian Trail, and hike for 0.4 miles until you reach the summit of North Kinsman Mountain. This section is steep, rocky and tough. High Cannon Trail - 0.4 miles - 2,165' Via High Cannon Trail Cascade Brook cut-off - 0.4 miles - 2,960' Via Lonesome Lake and Cascade Brook trails: Lonesome Lake - 0.6 miles - 2,750' High Cannon Trail - 0.4 miles - 2,960' Kinsman Ridge Trail - 0.8 miles - 3,800' Cannon Mountain summit - 0.4 miles - 4,080' Total distance up - 2.0 miles The Kinsman Ridge Trail connects Mount Cannon to North and South Kinsman. After the tower, we continued on the trail to the Kinsman Mountains. After about 1.2 Miles Hi-Cannon Trail meets up with Kinsman Ridge trail. Turn around at South Kinsman and hike back until you get to the Fishin Jimmy trail. It is 8.2 miles round-trip with 3300 feet elevation gain and should take about 6 hours of actual hiking time. My knees do not hurt often, but I felt them here. Franconia Ridge from the observation deck. The parking area at the base of the Cannon Tramway is the start of the Kinsman Ridge trail. Cannon Mountain was well known as the site of the Old Man of the Mountain, a rock formation that looked like the profile of a face until its collapse in 2003. The walk between Cannon and Kinsman was one of the most beautiful back country traverses I have experienced. Stairs going up a trail have a universal meaning: the way going is steep! Follow the signs to the trailhead. Take exit 34B on the Franconia Parkway, turn left at the bottom of the ramp and park in the lot. The lot provides access to Lonesome Lake, Pemi Trail, Old Bridal Path, Falling Waters and Hi Cannon to Kinsman. We Parked at the Lafayette Campground parking lot and hiked up the Lonesome Lake trail going toward the Kinsman Ridge Trail. At the Junction of Hi-Cannon and Kinsman Ridge Trail there’s a short spur trail less than 1/2 a mile that leads up to Cannon Mountains Summit. Kinsman Ridge Trail Cannon Mountain (formerly Profile Mountain ) is a 4,080-foot (1,240 m) peak in the White Mountains of New Hampshire . June 3, 2018. Summits: Cannon Mountain (4,100') Trail route: Kinsman Ridge Trail Trail conditions: Mostly dry ground with just a few areas of running water and mud Weather: Cool morning temps quickly warming up with full sunshine and lots of blue sky Total miles: 4.2 Total time: 3:15 The spectacular weather forecast was continuing into Sunday. The Rim Trail diverges from the Kinsman Ridge Trail and ascends gradually to the summit observation tower. Along the way there are viewpoints from ledges… today we didn’t have much to see. Yours truly climbing the Hi-Cannon Trail’s ladder. Suggested Routes. South Kinsman (4358′) is the highest point on the Kinsman-Cannon Ridge. A very wet Kinsman Ridge trail. Once at the lookout there is a small herd path going down, this herd path can be tricky but will give you views of Kinsman pond and the tent site. Canadian Administrative Law Blog. This is a view of Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire from the Kinsman Ridge Trail. No WMNF Parking Pass is required. to Cannon Mtn 44° 09' 24" 71° 41' 55" 0.13 mi 7 min -88 ft on Rim Trail 2.90 mi 2 hr 42 min +2241 ft The trail descends from the summit observation tower to the The Kinsman Pond Trail can be accessed from a connecting trail off of Lonesome Lake, or from the Basin Cascade trail located at the Basin off of I-93. Looking toward Cannon, with a view of Franconia Ridge. Strenuous: South Kinsman is accessed by the Kinsman Ridge Trail, which Kinsman Trail to the Kinsman Ridge Trail (10.0 miles, 3,900 feet, 7:00), this is the approach recommend by Dan Doan in his Fifty Hikes in the White Mountains. The Kinsman Ridge Trail is flat here briefly as it winds around a very small peak, descends, and begins the modest climb to the top of Cannon. Kinsman Ridge Trail to Cannon Mountain summit in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire We enjoyed beautiful views all the way up to the summit of Cannon Mountain. The Kinsman Ridge Trail between Lonesome Lake Trail and Hi-Cannon Trail was a very steep climb over car-sized boulders. Views to the South and East are prevalent at this point, and on a clear day you could probably see 50 miles or more. Post navigation cannon mountain ski trails. The northern most peak known as North East Cannon Ball sits at 3,769 feet in elevation and earned its spot on the New England 100 highest peak list. 112, where it meets the Beaver Brook Trail. cannon mountain hike . The whole loop was 11.5 miles long and took us about 10.5 hours. Then we will follow Kinsman Ridge Trail to the observation tower at the summit of Cannon Mtn. portion of the Rim Trail coincides for 0.2 mi. Take that down to the Lonesome Lake hut and then take the Lonesome lake trail back to the Lafayette Place Campground. There is a big view of Mount Lafayette and the Franconia Range right behind me. It is very close to Cannon… Instead, we linked with Kinsman Ridge Trail via the kinder Cascade Brook Trail and the short but strenuous Fishin' Jimmy Trail-1,300 vertical feet of granite slabs, boulders, and tree roots in 2 miles. A trip to Cannon’s summit is 2.2 miles from the parking area and provides spectacular views of Franconia Notch. Moderate: The Kinsman Ridge Trail accesses the summit of Cannon Mountain, the Kinsmans, and many lesser peaks. Parking inside the campground is permitted for campers only. Northeast Cannon Ball is the shortest of the New England Hundred Highest (NEHH) list at 3769′. It provides access to Kinsman Ridge, Greenleaf and Pemi Trail. Hike up Cannon Mountain via the Hi-Cannon trail then backtrack and hope on Kinsman Ridge trail going out over North Kinsman and South Kinsman. 2.02 mi 1 hr 3 min +2027 ft on Kinsman Ridge Trail Cannon getting closer, with the summit building more visible. This trail then heads back up to the large northeast shoulder of Mt. The Kinsman Pond trail is very rough, and in places very wet. We started our trip by climbing Cannon Mountain up the Kinsman Ridge Trail from the tramway parking lot. Cannon Mountain (4,100’) is one of the shortest 4,000-footers, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this hike is easy! Lafayette Place (I93-S): 22 spots. Cannon Mountain. Cannon Mountain is part of the Kinsman Ridge in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and made for a challenging but rewarding day hike. Once you arrive at the top of Cannon, you exit the tram building and walk down to the start of the loop trail. 19. After enjoying the views on North Kinsman, continue hiking over the summit along the Kinsman Ridge Trail for 0.9 miles where you will reach the summit of South Kinsman Mountain. Lonesome Lake Trail, Hi Cannon Trail, Kinsman Ridge Trail: Date of Hike: Tuesday, December 22, 2020: Parking/Access Road Notes: If you have a car don't park at the trail head lot, there is another lot by the sheds that is plowed. Route: Kinsman Ridge Trail, Kinsman Pond Trail, Cascade Brook Trail, Basin-Cascades Trail, Pemi Trail Peaks: Cannon (4100', NH4K), NorthEast Cannonball (3769', NEHH), North Kinsman (4293', NH4K), South Kinsman (4358', NH4K) Mileage: 16.7 miles Elevation Gain: 5300 feet Book Time: 11 hours (actual 9hr 25min) Cannon is one of those mountains for me.
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