After listening to the other tracks, Killen advised the band to “go look for a day job.”. Cameron Crowe Puts The Allmans On the Cover of the Rolling Stone (December 6, 1973) Cameron Crowe went on the road with The Allman Brothers at the age of 15, and gave them their first ever cover story. “We were misled,” Duane once said of the Liberty period. “Well, I don’t know,” he says, “it kind of came on so gradually I didn’t notice it. ‘Fuck this whole thing. By late 1972, Betts had emerged as the Allman Brothers’ leader following the tragic deaths of Gregg Allman’s older sibling Duane Allman and then Berry Oakley, both band members killed in eerily similar motorcycle accidents about a year apart. “Liberty was paying all our expenses for us until we earned enough to pay them back.” But a company pays only so much money on losing items and soon Hour Glass was, “groveling for money just to get a burger.” It got worse. I never told the magazine. More attention was focused on the group after Duane’s work with Eric Clapton and Layla. Gregg is a bit more blunt. He specialized in interviewing the celebrities of Rock N Roll music. I couldn’t get it on in school worth a shit.”, In 1958, the family moved to Daytona Beach, Florida. We never experienced anything like that but that was true to life as far as the relationships went. I talked to him right after that movie came out. Cameron Crowe wanted to come out on the road and do a story with us and the band didn’t want it. I felt like any help I could get him, even just like making him feel comfortable, would be a good thing to do.”. “He wasn’t really hot on doing the solo album,” Dicky Betts says. “That was one thing, that might have been somebody else, one of the other bands, the Eagles or Led Zeppelin,” Betts says. “We barely had enough money to make it and when we came across the Golden Gate Bridge, we couldn’t scrape up the toll between 11 of us. Which is where Duane and I got the idea for doing that kind of thing, only we did it much better, later.”. Because I can still play? One of the two percussionists in the present Allman Brothers Band, Butch Trucks, played the same club circuit with his band the Bitter End and sometimes sat in with the Allman Joys. The Allman Brothers headlined The Summer Jam at Watkins Glen in front of a record-setting crowd of 600,000 in late July and a few weeks later finally released “Brothers and Sisters.” The album spent five weeks at No. “The band lived there a while and when we began to get $100-a-night gigs, Duane moved a block and a half away and Dicky moved down the street. I think he sunk about $150,000 in us. “There were posters all over,” Gregg says. Crudup’s resemblance to Betts in the film is unmistakable. He sounds a bit like Kris Kristofferson, looks uncannily like his late brother, Duane. Found one that was $21.95 and the bastard behind the counter wouldn’t let me have it. The manager caught us and we moved down to an even worse joint on Lash Lane. “Spoonful” – Dial Records, 1966, The Allman Joys, Hour Glass – Liberty Records, 1967, The Hour Glass, The Dynamic Clarence Carter – Atlantic Records, 1967, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Power of Love – Liberty Records, 1968, The Hour Glass, “Me & Bobby McGee” – regional label, 1969, The American Eagles (Chuck Leavell, Buck Wilkin, Johnny Weicker), Instant Groove – King Curtis, Atlantic Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar, electric sitar, Southern Fried – John Hammond, Atlantic Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Ronnie Hawkins – Cotillion Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Boz Scaggs – Atlantic Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar, The Allman Brothers Band – Capricorn Records, 1969, The Allman Brothers Band, Ton Ton Mascoute – Johnny Jenkins, Capricorn Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar; Berry Oakley: bass, Arthur Conley – Atlantic Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Percy Sledge – Atlantic Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Two Jews Blues – Barry Goldberg, Buddah Records, 1969, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Soul ’69 – Aretha Franklin, Atlantic Records, 1970, Duane Allman: slide guitar, This Girl’s In Love With You – Aretha Franklin, Atlantic Records, 1970, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Morning in the Morning – Otis Rush, Cotillion Records, 1970, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Sundown – Sundown, Exit/Ampex Records, 1970, Chuck Leavell: piano, In Search of Food, Clothing, Shelter & Sex – Buck Wilkin, Buddah Records, 1970, Chuck Leavell: piano, Layla – Derek & the Dominoes, Atco Records, 1970, Duane Allman: slide guitar, To Bonnie from Delaney – Delaney & Bonnie, Atco Records, 1970, Duane Allman: slide guitar, The 31st of February – Vanguard Recording Society, 1970, The 31st of February (Scott Boyer, David Brown, Butch Trucks), Christmas and the Beads of Sweat – Laura Nyro, Columbia Records, 1970, Duane Allman: electric guitar, Idlewild South – Capricorn Records, 1970, The Allman Brothers Band, The First Great Rock Festival of the Seventies – Columbia Records, 1970, The Allman Brothers Band (“Statesboro Blues,” “Whippin’ Post”), Push Push – Herbie Mann, Embryo Records, 1970, Duane Allman: slide guitar, The Allman Brothers Band at the Fillmore East – Capricorn Records, 1971, The Allman Brothers Band, Motel Shot – Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Atco Records, 1971, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Spirit in the Dark – Aretha Franklin, Atlantic Records, 1971, Duane Allman: slide guitar, The Stories We Could Tell – The Everly Brothers, RCA Records, 1971, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Five’ll Getcha Ten – Cowboy, Capricorn Records, 1971, Duane Allman: dobro; Chuck Leavell” piano, Hawk – Ronnie Hawkins, Cotillion Records, 1971, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Hard And Heavy – Sam Samudio, Atlantic Records, 1971, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Dinnertime – Alex Taylor, Capricorn Records, 1971, Chuck Leavell: piano, The Best of Barry Goldberg – Buddah Records, 1972, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Eat A Peach – Capricorn Records, 1972, The Allman Brothers Band (Duane Allman appears posthumously on sides 2, 3 & 4), D & B Together – Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Columbia Records, 1972, Duane Allman: slide guitar, History of Eric Clapton – Atco Records, 1972, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Mar Y Sol – Atco Records, 1972, The Allman Brothers Band (“Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More”), Eric Clapton at His Best – Polydor Records, 1972, Duane Allman: slide guitar, An Anthology – Duane Allman, Capricorn Records, 1972, Duane & Gregg Allman – Bold Records, 1972, 31st of February (rehearsal session outtakes), Dialogues – Capricorn Records, 1972, Duane Allman interview, Beginnings – Atco Records, 1972, The Allman Brothers Band (repackage of Idlewild South and The Allman Brothers Band), Brothers And Sisters – Capricorn Records, 1973, The Allman Brothers Band (Berry Oakley appears posthumously on “Wasted Words” and “Ramblin’ Man”), The Hour Glass – United Artists Records, 1973, The Hour Glass (repackage of Hour Glass and Power of Love), Early Allman – Dial Records, 1973, The Allman Joys (Duane Allman, Gregg Allman, studio sessionmen), Clapton – Eric Clapton, Polydor Records, 1973, Duane Allman: slide guitar, Why Quit When You’re Losing – Cowboy, Capricorn Records, 1973, (repackage of Reach for the Sky and Five’ll Getcha Ten), Laid Back – Gregg Allman, Capricorn Records, 1973, Gregg Allman: organ, acoustic guitar & vocals; David Brown: bass; Scott Boyer: acoustic, electric & steel guitars, piano; Butch Trucks: cabasa; Chuck Leavell: piano & vibes; Jai Johanny Johanson: congas; Paul Hornsby: clavinet, organ; Johnny Sandlin: bass, Courtesy of Rolling Stone #149 – Compiled by Cameron Crowe and Faybeth Diamond – December 6, 1973. Gregg wasn’t so sure it was all that good an idea. He has added to the Allman sound, and freed them from an exclusive blues base. All six of their albums have now made over a million dollars; most have sold over a million units. Courtesy of Rolling Stone #149 – Cameron Crowe – December 6, 1973, How They Grew He was a young kid, y’know, trying to make a big break for himself. He loved and idolized Duane. Success was being able to keep your brain inside your head.”. Duane’s guitar got into the picture shortly after that.”. Rick Hall signed Duane to a contract. “The door with all the signs all over the door, ‘Do not disturb. Like trying to imagine how they would react to it. But, it’s not until 20 minutes later that Betts really takes notice: When onto the big screen walks Billy Crudup as Russell Hammond, the lead guitarist of the band Stillwater and the rock star who becomes closest with Patrick Fugit’s character William Miller, the rock writer based on a teenage Crowe. You’d have a relationship and even though it didn’t last very long — there were girls who were a lot of fun, of course — it would keep you going.”, One of the most memorable scenes in “Almost Famous” takes place at a house party thrown by teenagers in Topeka, Kansas. I left the tour in an emotional mess and wound up catatonic in the San Francisco airport, where I ran into my then-stewardess sister Cindy. He was thrown 20 yards and died several hours later of a brain concussion. He was happy playing live club dates to wildly enthusiastic audiences and had the gut feeling that he wasn’t going to get to play in California. They headlined before 600,000 at Watkins Glen, and though an agreement with the promoter prevents an official statement on the Allmans’ gross, a spokesman for Capricorn Records, the Brothers’ company, states flatly that it was “astronomical.” They have played to sell-out crowds in America’s largest arenas and stadiums. Eerily, the circumstances of the accident would – even the place where it happened – recapitulate the tragedy of Duane Allman. He’s probably still down there. It was my first cover story.” Cameron Crowe ran into Elton John last year at a party thrown by David Geffen. “I played for peace of mind.”, The boys’ mother, Geraldine “Mama” Allman, went to school and became a CPA. Sarah Polley was originally supposed to play Penny Lane, but she dropped out to film her project, … “Worked all summer and cleared 21 bucks. This place had no name at all. Almost Famous at 20: Cameron Crowe's warm-hearted ode to music journalism ... and wrote his first Rolling Stone cover story on the Allman Brothers Band … In the summer of 1960, 13-year-old Gregg took a summer job as a paperboy. Despite his continuing debt to Liberty, Gregg left a note “and caught the first thing smokin’ toward Jacksonville.”. But he had that motorcycle and drove it until it finally just fell apart. While Kate Hudson and Frances McDormand each earned Oscar nominations for best actress in a supporting role, the film’s top-billed star is Billy Crudup, who plays Russell Hammond, the longhaired, mustachioed, Gibson-wielding guitarist for Stillwater. “See, Rick Hall wanted him to do a Hendrix power-trio thing. That was funny.”, Not everything about “Almost Famous” rings true for Betts, though. Duane loved the early days of Jeff Beck.”, One night, the then high-riding Nitty Gritty Dirt Band stopped into a St. Louis club to hear the Allman Joys.
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