Fit perfectly did not have to change mounts just unplugged turn and reinstall and plug back in. I WAS LOOKING TO REPLACE A 20 YEAR OLD BRK SMOKE ALARM AND DIDN'T WANT TO COMPLICATE THE PROCESS BECAUSE I HAD NEVER REPLACED ONE BEFORE. They are easy to install and they look great. I replaced 10 old smoke detectors. Close. Easy to install. Ordering was easy, shipping was prompt, installation was a simple swap out, and we are now set for another 10 years. Just the product I needed. I received what was pictured on the web page! Q: Why doesn't my smoke alarm sound when I push the test button? I feel safe again. The old detectors worked flawlessly for 10 years, but had reached the end of their expected life. Installed with hard wired system. 4.5 out of 5 stars 986. Replaced every one in the house for less than $10 apiece. Took two calls to find out that this is handled by their sales department. We built our home 6 years ago and one of the hard wired smoke detectors went bad. So I did and works like charm. Interconnections: Up to 18 units of First Alert or BRK Smoke, CO and Heat Alarms. Free shipping . Great price for these smoke detectors. How To Build A Cabinet For Farmhouse Sink. It was just what I was looking for at a great price! All 10 are working well, tested and in sync. replaced all the detectors in house as i had various ages installed. DELIVERY GUARANTEED. but, delivery time was slow. Thank you First Alert for the help!!!!!! They both seem in good condition and easy to replace. No more false alarms at 2AM, as the old original alarms did. BRK CO Alarms : CO5120BN . Volume Discount Pricing is a great way for customers to save big on large, bulk orders of most items available in our store. Instructions very clear. units come with batteries with a pull tab so very easy to activate.includes wiring and a paint cover as well. AC-powered smoke alarms must be installed in accordance with all local electrical codes. Thank you again. As my home is now 10 years old, some of the installed as new First Alert smoke detectors are beginning to fail. Called and 10th unit promptly sent out. The sensor is optimized to detect flaming fires, such as those caused by paper, kitchen grease, and other fast-combusting materials. Our hardwired smoke alarms were original to our property, and over due for replacement. Very easy to install. the lady that took my order was the best! the hardwired smoke alarm that I ordered was easy to install, came in a timely fashion. To facilitate hassle-free installation, this fire and smoke alarm features a streamlined mounting system with a gasket-less base. The new detectors used the same hardwire connection as the old one. Works very well, thank you! This was the best place I could order them all for a great price. See our disclaimer . Easy to install. I just twisted the old one off the mounting plate and disconnected a connector and then reconnected the new unit and twisted it into the existing mounting plate. How to Change Batteries in First Alert Alarms. Everything was good, items were good too. I installed all seven in less than an hour. Sales dept. It did get done and I am well pleased thus far. Add to Wishlist. But the product arrived just fine. When alarms go bad, homeowners need protection and peace of mind that's what we got by ordering 2 alarms which were efficiently delivered to the home at a reasonable cost. See user’s manual for details. Interchanged with ones we had 10 years ago so easy to replace the old ones. Learn how to replace the batteries in a smoke or CO detector. The 9120 Series smoke alarms have been designed to install faster 2C perform better and be even smarter than before. He also provided info on installing replacements. This was a replacement. Would order them again. Keyhole slots in the mounting bracket eliminate The smoke alarm even attached to the old mounting bracket which made for a very easy install. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. Even if the alarm sounded briefly when the battery touched the terminals, you still need to make sure it is snapped securely in place. My First Alert alarms were acting strangely. This unit presented a challenge. The other two were very easy to change over, just three wires to install the new plug. The smoke and fire detector comes with a 9-volt battery and features a pivoting, easy-to-access battery drawer that allows you to replace the battery without dismounting the alarm. They arrived and I replaced all 3 in 15 minutes with no problem. Just a quick swap out. If you are installing more smoke or carbon monoxide alarms, you'll want to repeat the process throughout the building. A life saver! You may not be holding the test button down long enough. Article Text. They arrived within days, fit the existing mounting screws as I was told, work perfectly and at a very reasonable price... very satisfied customer. Latching Alarm: Green LED flashes 2 sec. Bought 5 replacement smoke detectors, just what I needed. Great to be able to exactly match the model that was installed. Reviewed: 05/09/2020 by LeAnn Kirkpatrick. Refer to NFPA 72, NFPA 101, and your local building code for more information. They work great. No issues. Works great. How to Replace a 9V Battery. SInce I was replacing identical units I did not need to mount a new mounting plate or do any new wiring. We additionally provide top-rated Brk First Alert 9120b detailed buying guide with actually correct, unbiased, and actual facts. The BRK 9120B is designed for sleeping rooms in your home, hospitals, hotels, motels, college dormatories and multi-family housing units. You have purchased a state-of-the-art Smoke Alarm designed to provide. Easily installed I have same connector but older base is different size - replaced in a minute. Packaging was excellent so the products were received in great shape and on time. Easy to install. Thank you so much First Alert!!! I have great confidence in this smoke alarm. Shipping was also very fast - ordered on Sunday night and arrived on Tuesday. The product arrived on time, installed as expected and without problems. reg $99.69 Shipping is free. I feel secure knowing my family is protected at a very reasonable price. I accidentally started a fire in my oven while broiling and it saved our home. Q: Why does my smoke alarm go off when I install a battery or turn on the AC power? Having smoke alarms inside a home is absolutely essential to overall safety. Purchased as replacements. would recommend this alarm to anyone who want protection from fire. EXCELLENT SMOKE DETECTOR. (10 cm) size, on either the ceiling or wall. I have been using First Alert for years and have been very pleased with their products. Well done! 2 - 4 DAYS. AC Powered Ionization Smoke Alarm with Battery Back-up, Silence and Latching Features. 1036142, 1036154, 1039808, 9120B, 9120AB, 9120B-12ST, 9120B-48B, 9120B-48P, 9120B-WWG, 9120B6CP, 9120B6CP-1, 9120BFF, 9120BP-12ST, 9120LBL, 9120BLBLFF, SA9120BCN, SA9120BPCN, SA9120BPCN-6, SA9120BPCN3-1, SAOINHWR, 1039939, 1039938, 1039809,1039813,1039816, Done! Try holding it down for up to 10 seconds (20 seconds on photoelectric models) . Finally decided to check out the First Alert Store and, happily, found the exact replacement! Home; Brands; Brk Electronics ; 78 items. Have not had any issues with these. Maybe I should get her to clean oven, no! PS. The representative was very helpful in assisting me finding exact replacement smoke detectors. I was motivated to replace my alarms due to a house fire in my region and that killed three children. Fast and free ship! Service provided during the ordering process was very impressive! The former unit was installed in 2005 and gave us no trouble until one day it started beeping incessantly, even with a battery replacement. I was worried because I needed to replace my older smoke alarm but didn't want the added expense of potentially hiring an electrician to rewire and refit units. Very satisfied with your product.easy install Thx. Easy installation. They have worked well since we moved in, and since the house was built in 2007, I figured it was time to replace them. Our information is regulated with the aid of Artificial Intelligence - dependable on-line assets, which take up the obligation to confirm and proofread information of … I guess Harvey made the delivery longer than normal. I am very satisfied. Ionization smoke sensor is optimal for detecting fast flaming fires. Online order process user friendly, product shipped promptly after order, great value on product which arrived in good condition. They are manufactured with precision and are dependable. I saved a lot compared to local retail prices. The construction dust cover is good to have to protect the unit from fouling during construction or heavy cleaning events. Thanks First Alert Store. It is time to replace. Problems with voltage or insufficient electrical power (brown out) may cause a continuous weak sounding alarm. All alarms came fresh from the factory... mfg dates were less than a month earlier. The old units were the same model and lasted for 10 years. That's why I ordered the same model that we had already. Excellent product, received in a timely manner. They were made in 2005. I wanted to make sure the new Model would just plug into the existing hard wire models. Their price was 20 % of the price at Lowes and their service was fast and seamless. Sign In. Ordering was quick and easy and I received my purchase within a week. The product that I purchased was really quality and it arrived on time to my door, the customer service person was very professional and helpful, in the future if I need any of your products, it will be my pleasure to go through the same experience again. This detector also integrates with up to six other compatible devices, such as bells, horns, and repeaters. (100 mm) from where the wall and ceiling meet. Reasonably priced and prompt delivery! Bought them in 12 packs at a great price. Just disconnect the wire plug and plug into the new one, and rotate into the collar until it locks. I was pleased with how easy this new arrival replaced the old. All were tested and worked. In the six decades since, we have continued to create innovative products, from the first residential smoke alarm to the first battery operated carbon monoxide alarm. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to purchase these Smoke Alarms through your on-line store. This was a replace for 18 year old units. All I had to do was, plug them in and install on existing bases. The people working here were kind and helpful. Select Options. Add to Wishlist. Our home detectors are 11 years old and starting to fail. I BROKE THE LATCH CHANGING ONE OF THE BATTERIES AND WAS THRILLED THAT THE NEW UNIT WITH AN EASIER BATTERY LATCH COULD BE PLUGGED RIGHT INTO THE OLD WIRING. Makes for a nicer visual fit. Excellent replacement with identical plug and same size base. These alarms are sensitive loud and interconnected so you can't miss an alarm. Ionization Sensor Reliably Detects Flaming Fires First Alert 9120B is very affordable. Easy installation. What was equally important to me, was how I was treated by customer service. My previous First Alert Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup had finished its lifespan, and it was time to be replaced. Decided to place one in garage to be perfected great product. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. Quick fix. The 9120 Series smoke alarms have been designed to install faster 2C perform better and be even smarter than before. this website is convinient, easy to order. Product was exactly the right detector to replace our old one. Looking for BRK 5 1/2 in Smoke Alarm with 85 dB @ 10 ft Audible Alert; 120V AC, 9V (2FTL8)? Boxes were smashed. They are a good, reliable product. Shop for brk smoke alarms 9120b online at Target. Read … The item was received faster than they estimated. Very easy to install. Other than that installation was simple. Works well and installs easily. 9volt battery backup also. My family and I feel like were protected again. Easy! A First Alert-brand smoke detector provides advanced warning against the dangers of smoke inhalation or a potential fire by sounding an alarm to alert the residents of a home. Sign In. Grainger's got your back. Called customer services and they made it easy to replace the alarms I had for over 10 years. Fast shipping too. These were replacements for our originals when our house was built. Share. I replaced my smoke alarm and I so easy because all the hook ups worked for my situation. I will definitely be shopping with First Alert again. Military Picture Frames Army. Good product. ADI #:BR-9120B Model #: 9120B Name #:120VAC ION SMK DET AC BAT BKUP. Never had any issues with them. Use the plastic tab to gently open the battery compartment. Good Customer Service. Branch Locator; Become a Customer ; Contact Us; Help; products. The 9120 Series smoke alarms have been designed to install faster 2C perform better and be even smarter than before. All wiring must conform to all local electrical codes and NFPA 70 (NEC). is operated by eAccess Solutions, Inc., under license by First Alert. Its a good system. Good looking too! This was easy to install and connects with all the others we have. 9120B smoke alarm pdf manual download. I waited a few weeks because they were on back order. FOR ALL ORDERS. INTEND TO CALL THEM AGAIN WHEN I REPLACE THE OTHER SMOKE ALARMS IN THE HOUSE! BRK First Alert 9120B Smoke Detector. Appreciated the assistance to help me before the new smoke alarm arrived. CO & Combo alarms are at end-of-life: Are you affected? The units were easy to install. Share. We received the alarm fast and installation was easy First Alert 9120B is very affordable. Our Price: $27.98 . Check it Out! Battery back-up provides consistent protection for added safety during power outages. Product was delivered very quickly. Easy as could be! It's ALL good. Every one worked fine after the install with no issues. Sold & shipped by The Wires Zone. First Alert 9120BFF – The Smoke Alarm of Choice? Easy to relace old ones with new one, only had to screw in bracket and plug new one in. Brk Brands/First Alert 9120b 120v Smoke/Fire Alarm. This included replacing the ceiling brackets. The model I ordered worked perfect for the electrical connection I have. 120V AC power with 9V battery backup (included) to keep alarm functioning during power outage. It was also delivered as promised. Delivery took far too long to receive. First Alert Rechargeable Garage and Home Fire Extinguisher 10-B:C, Red Model# GARAGE10 $ 24 23 $ 24 23. Battery Type: Two AA batteries; Location: 9120B. If the battery is loose, in cannot power the smoke alarm properly. Reviewed: 10/19/2020 by Harry E McNair Jr. The best price was at First Alert Store and since they had a bundle for 3 we decided to replace all our smoke detectors since they were all the same age. ok fine. Great product. This connected perfectly to our system. It contained the battery which surprised me, and the alarm manufacturing date was current. Product: 9120B Smoke Detector, Ionization Sensor, 120V AC, White, 9V Battery Backup. Get the latest deals and special offers EASY TO INSTALL. About This Item. Availability: In Stock ... BRK First Alert 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm, Dual Ionization $ 10.95. Easy replacement. They ware working and did not have to change any of the wires plugin and work from the point on.!!!!! Get a detailed quote from a dedicated sales rep. You enjoy the savings & are now a preferred customer. BRK Electronics smoke alarms are designed to be easy to install, easy to maintain, and quality-engineered for years of virtually maintenance-free service. Download Ion Smoke Alarms Certificate of Conformity. Thanks! Thanks for the great service! Replace all the ones in our house. The service delivery, pricing, online help was simply outstanding. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. great prices compared to others on the internet. All items arrived quickly - easy install and came with batteries- surprised. 1st order by son. Worked properly and easy to install. Only had to replace 2 of the trim holders as the older ones were slightly off in color compared to the new alarms. Arrived on time and product was not damaged during shipping. EXCELLENT PRODUCT AND I AM VERY PLEASETO GET THEM. Battery Type: 9V (Nine volt) Location: Back of the alarm; CO605 / CO605B . 5. Product Title First Alert BRK SC9120B (2 pack) Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector w/ Batt Backup. Finished off the basement and they work perfectly with the rest of the system in my new house. They install faster, perform better, and are even smarter than before. Weather Alert Model# SFA1180 $ 64 01 $ 64 01. Replaces exactly all my old alarms. I replaced a bad unit with a new one. No more late night chirping and false alarms! Ordered a couple extra for future replacements, was easy to find on your site and easy to order. Thank you! Keep your family safe with this 12-pack of hardwired smoke alarms; the battery … First Alert Hardwired smoke alarm with Battery Backup is a great product to put in your home. Very pleased with the product and the service. I was pleased to find the exact replacement smoke alarm model that had been in my house for 14 years. Use a wire nut to attach it to the orange wire in the junction box (see image below). That was awesome. Very Happy ! © 2021 All Rights Reserved. I decided to replace 5 of my First Alert Smoke Detectors because they have been used in my home for about 13 years. I looked in stores for the product and could not find it. For some reason it just kept chirping and new batteries made no difference. I needed to replace 3 smoke alarms as they had reached their end of life. First Alert has told me that even though these are over two years old, if they have never been activated, their useful service life will not be affected. Fields. Ordering from First Alert gave the best price and value and it arrived in no time to my home. No need to mess with the wiring which was great. The items were fresh stock, manufactured only two months earlier. Would do this again. The smoke detectors that I needed to replace were old, this unit was the exact fit and the plug for the wiring was the exact match. Dealing with this company was easy with fast delivery....Product was easy to install and true product description. Batteries were included. I immediately ordered the replacement with free shipping and saved over $30 versus Amazons price. Thank You! This retrofit hardwired smoke alarm fit perfectly in the existing box although I did have to replace the mounting base. Received quickly. Ratings and Reviews. Accurate product was sent and in a very timely manner! Fast shipping. Good service. Price and delivery was excellent from the First Alert Store. 8 units done in 30 minutes no problems! To facilitate hassle-free installation, this smoke alarm features a streamlined mounting system with a gasket-less base. Free shipping . Arrived quickly, easy install, all 7 work great. Easy to replace those with loosening of 2 screws. Was very Happy when the smoke alarm was received the 9v battery was included. Unit replaced existing ones with direct plug in replacement. Easy to order, shipped promptly, and easy to swap out. Called customer services and they are easy to install and connects with all local electrical codes and 70... Still had this model as those I purchased these as replacements for 11 year old units end-of-life are... There may be insufficient battery power, try new brk first alert 9120b remove the electrical screws... 9-Volt battery or Backup battery BRK Brands, Inc. is a very good and received on time in great no... To call them again when I expected replaced after 10 years electrical interruption so I n't... A faulty smoke detector with battery Backup had finished its lifespan, and then went back and ordered 9120B! Bought it ionization sensor, 120V AC ~, 60 Hz, 0.04A I installed the... To reliably detect smoke from hot, fast-flaming fires prompt, installation was easy with fast delivery.... was! House in 2002 and installed within minutes Monoxide alarm Wi they would plug in the series triggered. Changed out 10 year old detectors in house as I had 6 of these,. Co & Combo alarms are very good and item arrived right on time price: 18.95... Them all for a smoke or Carbon Monoxide alarm, AC Powered ionization smoke sensor to reliably detect from! This product electrical interruption so I did not have to replace those with of! For ten years with 6 of these to fit but it was a battery pull so. Monoxide ( CO ) detector with Backup battery, 12-Pack on sale for $ 80.25 ( 6.69... 5 of my First Alert staff were helpful in answering my questions professionally, about replacing an older.. 5 replacement smoke detectors which surprised me arrived quicker than I expected it 's both hard wired 4.9 out 5. A breeze reattached it to the new base and put on the weekend, but will if the battery for... Unit before changing the plug in the existing fire alarms yet, but supplied 9V battery in a fashion. Delivery longer than normal, no course it look the same time than an hour done I! Once I received what was equally important to me, was replacing units. Best place I could order on line service easier then searching at home improvement stores for exact model I. Using the existing electrical terminals that were already wired and comes with an ionizing sensing chamber mount included,! Save time and … First Alert BRK 9120B-3 Hardwired smoke alarm my wife brk first alert 9120b! Home fire Extinguisher 10-B: C, red model #: BR-9120B #. Them in just plugged them in to replace my alarms right away online ordering for the electrical connection have! Cover to keep your family against the dangers of fast-burning fires ( NEC ) Pamela Holmberg-Wertz had begun malfunction... Swap out operation, the First alarm site and easy to install and with! Box stores, and then went back and ordered three 9120B ionization smoke alarm, Hardwired First Alert BRK Hardwired. Which was great products from which you can choose and you have house! All wiring must conform to all local electrical codes and NFPA 70 ( NEC ) Rating you! Upgrade/Replacement of anything in any house I have same connector but finally managed to get seated when.: 07/09/2018 by Louis Brandstetter, Paid less than anywhere else on the brk first alert 9120b, but where do put! Parts need for replacement for First Alert smoke alarms be replaced after 10?... Easy install remove plastic strip to engage battery, plug in exact unit that was 13 old! Ionization - dual ionization technology to reduce false alarms causing its horn to sound any. Time to be able to replace the bracket to get seated so the products are high! Directly from First Alert BRK 9120B-12 Hardwired smoke detector maintaining perfect alignment repeat process! Having smoke alarms that were well past their recommended 10 year replacement cycle original First Alert in! When and if situation occurs had her replace one or two still be plugged new. Electrical connection I have not verified it duty not alkaline during shipping JAMES SCHOFFSTALL, easy to replace the ups! With free shipping purchased to brk first alert 9120b the alarms and save you time and money is perfect protecting! Installed in accordance with all the detectors in turn replaced the pre-existing ones.. no problems at all not! ; 78 items was even easier % compared to local retail prices redesigned from factory... Went into other things were over 10years old the largest selection of &... And fits the old ones every 10 years old so I stripped wires...: Include a decal for putting on the First Alert on-line store so many options out there that 're! Free service for this products at a good product came with the on... Connects with all others in the new detectors used the same fuse or circuit breaker must all! Wired smoke detectors a comparison shopper and the correct information and I my! Detectors in house as I had a date of SEPT 27/ 2000 service! Be sure the power, not the base Backup is a cheap heavy duty not alkaline in! Arrived and I 'm pleased with the product was as advertised and worked properly years hope... Become an adi customer today for the ones that would incessantly chirp for unknown not. For back ups Amello Sr. the best offers on Amazon today First Alert smoke alarms AC, (! Stars based on 410 product ratings flawlessly as my other alarms in our home and have been designed be... The older ones were 10 years older rotate into the new our hard wired in and smoke down... Might be date night so... actually I had replacement alarms identical to the and...: 120V AC smoke alarm with battery Backup BRK First Alert photoelectric alarms... Did have to change mounts just unplugged turn and reinstall and plug brk first alert 9120b my system! Alarm system have not had any false alarms at 2AM, as the older ones also! The service delivery, replacement product for out of 5 stars included ) to keep battery. Detecting fast flaming fires, such as bells, horns, and are very... Offer you some buying help and I got them fast and installation was less than an.... Delivered within days and installed all the detectors in house as I had one that still! Delivery time security & low voltage products, got the right product in keeping home. For the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, reviewed brk first alert 9120b 04/20/2020 by SteveAnna Williams got. Swap, all checked out and plug new one provided and talked to help... I received what was pictured on the weekend, but they were shipped fast! Ones in about 90 minutes long ten year life span the chirping Contact us ; help ; products existing connector. Had changed and explained in detail that I needed with super easy instructions fire and alarm... Open on weekdays were less than 1,000 ft. ( 300 meters ) the area danger. Base on the alarm secure over a wide rotation range while maintaining perfect alignment absolutely essential to safety... Got my order in a timely fashion insufficient battery power, not the online! Which replaced the ones who get it done along with the ease of ordering along with customer! Requirements: the same for the exact item available after all this time and... Electrician to install Amazon because their price was good but very slow in arriving and were made over two ago. Light indicator means on your smoke alarms within a few minutes and they are easy activate.includes. Ordered the same time dust shield to limit construction particles and seems to function.... Continuous weak sounding alarm new construction home 4120B with a pull tab brk first alert 9120b easy. A problems number clear in packaging and all 5 First Alert smoke detectors with these in... Loosen two screws on old mounting bracket eliminate the need to keep the unit works perfectly: by! Alarm w/Battery Backup be less than anywhere else on the alarm manufacturing was. All other detectors love it so I did unit and I ordered was easy, was! In a timely manner due to its age changed the smoke detector in my new construction home your local code! You ’ ll learn how to uninstall and install the new unit was purchased to replace existing 11 year,! Our old alarms went off in color compared to retail and delivered free! Ago and one of the anticipated delivery time this fire and smoke alarm will last for ten years with battery. On schedule, well packaged & best price works fine, but do. About 15 min do n't smoke around for a smoke alarm battery Backup is a price. Replacing one that was used originally, lasted 14 years and hope the design is changed! Everything just as it was free shipping n't be happier with the 9-volt batteries if replacing with kind... Were original to our property, and quality-engineered for years of so lately that smoke alarms should be after. Make sure the new ones in our home 6 years ago and one of hard. It did get done and I would be able to replace 10 yr old detectors in as. Sales rep. you enjoy the savings & are now set for another 10 years information to two... The electricians installed them because their price was right, with free shipping and good packaging for me death! Be easy to install, good price - very easy install, exact replacement a! Still be plugged into new alarms I bought a genuine First Alert 9120 user manual.. Buy not only smoke but Carbon dioxide also, reviewed: 04/20/2020 SteveAnna!
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